Frequently Asked Questions

Report the problem to the nearest Police Station.

A crime can be reported at any Police Station in Trinidad and Tobago.

Report the problem to the nearest Police Station/Post.

Enquire from the Detective at the Police Station where the report was made and you would be briefed on the case.

Enquire at the Police Station in which the initial report was made.

Missing persons can be reported immediately to the nearest Police Station

Partnerships are sought with the community through the application of the “Policing for the People” philosophy.

Yes, the individual who is making the allegation must identify themselves. This is to ensure validity.

Sporting activities through the Police Youth clubs Musical theory and practice Drug awareness Town meetings Community Crime Prevention Programme School Lectures Workshops at various NGO’s, districts and organizations on a variety of subjects such as HIV and Aids

Yes. Our small business security tips can be found by clicking here.

Yes. Our home safety tips can be viewed by clicking here.

An advertisement will be published in the Daily new or on the TTPS website. Follow the application guidelines stated. A candidate for appointment as a trainee Police Officer must: i. be a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago; ii. be required to pass a medical examination conducted by a Government Medical Officer nominated for the purpose; iii. be required to undergo a polygraph test, psychological test and be tested for dangerous drugs at thecost of the Service; iv. be of good character as evidenced by a police certificate of character; v. be not less than eighteen years and not more than thirty-five years of age on the 1st January of the year in which the appointment is made; vi. in the case of a male, be of good physique and at least one hundred and sixty-seven centimetres in height; or vii. a female, be of good physique and at least one hundred and fifty centimetres in height; viii. possess passes in five subjects in the CXC Examinations, including English Language, at General Proficiency at Grade I, II, or III or at Basic Proficiency at Grade I in all five subjects, or five G.C.E. 0’ Level passes, including English, at Grade A, B or C in all five subjects, or produce proof of having reached an equivalent or higher standard of education; ix. possess a Trinidad and Tobago driver’s permit with a class 3 endorsement to drive light motor vehicles; x. be required to pass a physical examination and an agility test; xi. be required to pass a written examination.

An advertisement will be published in the Daily Newspapers or on the TTPS Website. Follow the application guidelines stated. You will be required to pass a written examination. Once successful, you will then be processed and guided accordingly.

It is an opportunity to serve your country. It is a well paid, reputable profession that affords all its officers continuous training opportunities for personal and professional development. Upward mobility.

If the nature of the assistance is an emergency, then call 999 or 555. If it is an accident, call the area Police Station/ Post for assistance.

Visit any Police Station in Trinidad and Tobago and request a Complaints form. Complete the form and leave at the station to be forwarded to the Complaints Division. It is advisable to keep a copy of the completed form for your records, prior to leaving the station, as well as the regimental number of the Police Officer in the Station with whom the form was left. A copy of the Complaints form can also be downloaded from our website and must be completed and submited to any Police Station or forwarded directly to the Complaints Division or the Commissioner of Police. It is important to note that a telephone contact of the complainant must be inserted in the form in the event that additional information is necessary.

All matters with respect to allegations made by members of the public of ill treatment by Police Officers toward them.

Surrender yourself for arrest and/or pay the relevant fee..

Communicate with the Court and Process Branch of the Police Administration Building for verification.

Submit an application to the Divisional Commander in charge of the Division where the complaint report was made.

Make an application to the Divisional Commander in charge of the Division where the initial report was made with a fee of $50.00.

Collect Forms 1 and 16 at the Government Printery, complete and submit to the Firearms Unit, Police Administration Building along with the following: Two passport size pictures. Three (3) medicals:- physical, vision and psychological evaluation. If married, a letter from your spouse supporting the application. For more information click here.

No you do not have to give your name.

Call 999 or 555 when a crime is being committed, if you have information about a crime or before the crime is committed e.g. if someone has an illegal weapon (gun, knife, etc.) you saw a crime being committed you see someone suspicious hanging around you know anything that can prevent a crime or help the Police arrest a criminal

"Other" includes the following offences: Manslaughter Causing Death by Dangerous Driving attempted murder Attempted suicide bigamy Malicious damage Perverting the course of justice misbehaviour in Public Office