Public Marches


A person who desires to organise any public march shall at least forty-eight hours before, but no more than fourteen days, before the day on which such public march is to take place, apply to the Commissioner of Police for a permit. This application shall be in writing signed by the person or persons desiring to organise the public march to which the application relates and shall state -
  1. The name, address and telephone contact of each of the persons desiring to organise such march;
  2. The purpose or purposes of the march;
  3. The point of departure, route and point of termination of the march;
  4. The hours between which the march is expected to take place.
N.B.: The route must conform to the flow of traffic and be stated in cardinal directions.
Applications must be made at least 48 hours in advance stating.
  1. Name, address and telephone number.
  2. Purpose of the use of the Public Address System.
  3. The venue and time of the Public Address System is to be used.