Operate a Security Firm

For Organizations/Companies that want to operate as a Security Firm or Protective Service Agency to provide companies who want to offer protection to private citizens and organizations, the following is required;

  • The basic knowledge and skills required to operate a Protective Service Agency.
  • The skills/knowledge possessed by the applicant and the extent to which in your assessment the applicant has fallen short of the basic requirement.
  • Business Management Expertise.
  • Number of employees.
  • Skill of employees.
  • Type of equipment used.
  • Minimum cash flow.
  • Application Forms are available at the Ministry of National Security, 31-33 Abercromby Street, Port of Spain (to be submitted in duplicate).
  • Certificate of Character in respect of each Director and Senior Executive Officer of the Agency.
  • Colour photograph of uniform worn by the employees of the Security Agency.
  • Certificate of Registration from the Registrar of Companies.
  • Certificate from an Insurance Company certifying that the Agency has valid Public Liability Insurance Policy issued by that Company, with coverage for an amount not less than five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000.00) and must include liability for damages caused by the negligence of Security Officers at the premises of customers.
  • Certificate from an Insurance company endorsing that there is in force a policy of insurance issued by that Company insuring or indemnifying the Agency against the full amount of its liability in respect of any injury sustained by a security officer in the discharge of his duties.
  • Certificate from the National Insurance Board that the Agency is registered as an employer under the National Insurance Act and that there are no outstanding amounts payable under that Act, by the Agency up to the month in which the application is made.
  • Board of Inland Revenue File Number confirming that there are no outstanding taxes, interest or penalties other than those amounts which are the subject of an objection or an appeal, that have been assessed under the Corporation Tax and the Value Added Tax Act and are payable by the security Agency up to the month in which the application is made.