Interpol Bureau

Who We Are

INTERPOL is the world’s largest criminal police organisation. INTERPOL’s mission is preventing and fighting crime through enhanced international police cooperation. The Organisation currently has 190 member countries, (of which Trinidad and Tobago is a member) all connected through a secure communication network system.

What We Do

  • Areas of focus include:
  • Cyber Crimes
  • Environmental Crimes
  • Firearms & Explosives
  • Maritime Piracy
  • Property Crimes
  • Vehicle Crimes

How You Can Help Us

  • If You Have Information that...
  • Someone in Trinidad and Tobago is wanted abroad.
  • Someone abroad is wanted in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Someone is committing crimes abroad whether there is a link to Trinidad and Tobago or not.

You can communicate with:

  • The Police Station in your district.
  • Crime Stoppers (800-TIPS).
  • Phone 555.
  • The INTERPOL Bureau - Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

The Bureau will investigate the information and engage in the appropriate communication with its counterparts abroad with a view to arrest and prosecute.


Riverside Plaza, Besson Street, Port of Spain.
Phone: (868) 623 4420 or 623 8441
Fax:    (868) 624 3463