Trinidad And Tobago Police Band

Who We Are

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Band was created in 1869 to perform at official functions such as concerts, calypso shows, ceremonial openings and parades. The Band whose members are qualified in the playing of various instruments perform a variable repertoire of music (Ottley 1972:53).

What We Do

Some of the duties of the Police Band are as follows:

  • Lectures – The band visits to kindergarten, primary and secondary schools where they teach children about the band and the fundamentals of music
  • Band Concerts - The band is invited and provides entertainment at community event oftentimes, they offer musical support to the performers and their performances within the community.

Some of the shows that the band performs at include the following:

  • The We Beat Festival
  • The San Fernando Jazz Fest
  • The Grandmasters of Calypso
  • TTPS Variety and Community Concerts


Band Director Police Band Room
Riverside Plaza Besson Street, Port of Spain
Phone: (868) 625-7809
Fax:    (868) 627-9077