Street Collection/Control Act


Purpose can include collection of funds for Fire victims, Medical purposes, sports, church repairs or construction. Fire victims must produce fire reports from the Fire Service.
A letter addressed to the Commissioner of Police requesting permission to solicit donations from members of the public. When applying on behalf of another person or an organization, this must be stated. If the applicant is applying on behalf of another person, organization etc. a letter to the Commissioner of Police authorizing the applicant of this must also be submitted. In the case of applications for medical reasons a letter from a registered Medical institution / Practitioner, verifying the condition of the patient, must also be submitted.
A copy of the application is sent out to the respective Police Division for inquiries and a comprehensive report. The investigators report must be appended. A report from the Divisional Headquarters is forwarded to the Office of the Assistant Commissioner of Police.
The permit is prepared and attached and the entire file is submitted to the Commissioner's Office, for review and signature. The permit is then either sent via divisional headquarters for delivery or may be hand delivered to the applicant.
NB: In the event the application is not recommended or approved by the investigator, or the Commissioner of Police a letter is sent to the applicant informing him/her of such.