2021 Media Releases

      Beetham Gardens Man Charged Murder of Woman, 81   Immanuel Marcelle
      St James Minor Missing - Alexi Jackman   Alexi Jackman
      Public Help Needed to Identify Dead Body    
      Man Charged for conducting Sales at a Bar   Photo: 1
      Eight persons arrested at Invader's Bay Beach    
      Bail for Man Charged with Breaching Curfew   Kareem Hart
      Two Held Following Robbery in Princes Town    
      Nine Held For Breach of Curfew    
      Businessman Granted Bail for Unlawful Possession of Manhole Covers   Photos: 1 & 2
      Labourer in Court after Fatal Stabbing    Andy Bramble
      Help Find ANDY SINGH aka POWERS   Andy Singh
      Solider Granted Bail for charge of Trafficking Marijuana, Contraband in Prison   Ronald Steede
      Man Charged with Murder of Torrance Mohammed   Ryan Beharry
      Diego Martin Man Charged with Robbery   Akeem Nisbit
      6 Jailed, 1 Fined for Breaching Curfew in Point Fortin     
      TTPS Coastal and Riverine Unit up and running    
      2 Years’ Jail for Stealing Compressors   Robert Thorpe
      Soldier to be charged for Smuggling Drugs into Prison   Photo: 1
      Men in PPE Gear Charged after Home Invasion    Photos: 1 & 2
      3 to be Charged after Lopinot Home Invasion   Photo: 1
      2 Charged with Opening Supermarket Without Permission    Photos: 1 & 2
      Report of Pfizer drug brought in privately and illegally and being distributed - Fake News    
      Claxton Bay Teenager Missing - Zinila Falques   Zinila Falques
      ‘JAH’ Charged with Attempted Murder     Salick Sooknanan
      CoP to citizens – Don’t be baited by Persons to break the Law    
      Two Arrested for Trafficking during Routine Traffic Stop   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Princes Town Woman Missing - Keren Boodoo   Keren Boodoo
      Dad Denied bail on 18 Sexual Penetration Charges    
      Quarantined Soldier Denied Bail for Gun Possession   Jamaal Blake
      10 Charged for Breach of Curfew in West Trinidad    
      Man, 29, Ordered to Stay Away from Girl, 16   Ramon Jimmeal Fredrick
      TTPS Pays Tribute to No. 13333 Sgt Gary Harvey   Sgt. Gary Harvey
      Man charged after evicting legal tenant from apartment   Kern Monroe
      Chaguanas Man Missing- Darrel Ramjattan   Darrel Ramjattan
      Inquest Ordered Into Death of Petit Valley Woman      
      Help Find 13-year-old GABRIEL FRANCIS   GABRIEL FRANCIS  
      26 Arrested for Partying - Breach of the Public Health Regulations      
      Fully-manned Operations Command Centre to deal with Curfew-related matters   Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5  
      Bones charged for murder of Point Fortin Businessman   Ryan Bowen  
      Vistabella Man Charged – 3 Compressors Recovered   Photos: 1 & 2  
      Bogus Health workers held during attempted robbery   Photo: 1  
      10 Arrested for Breaching S.O.E Regulations      
      Found - JAYDA PERCH      
      CoP: Only essential activity permitted during Public Holiday Curfew hours      
      3 Coast Guard officers, 1 prisons officer arrested for Gambling      
      HELP FIND MARK HOSEPEDALES   Mark Hospedales  
      Quarantined Soldier held with gun in Mt Lambert   Photo: 1  
      3 Arrested for Gun Possession in Sangre Grande   Photo: 1  
      Enterprise Man Killed in Shootout with Police    Photo: 1  
      TTPS Extends condolences on Passing of PC Glenroy Daniel   PC Glenroy Daniel  
      2 Men fined for Stealing Pomerac   Photos: 1 & 2  
      Siparia Teenager Missing - JAYDA PEARCH   JAYDA PEARCH  
      Santa Cruz Man Charged with ‘Shakka’s’ Murder   Shane Fox  
      500 Rounds of Ammunition Seized in Arima   Photo: 1  
      Woman held for murder released from custody       
      Police retrieve 14 bodies from vessel      
      Police Capture 7 Illegal Venezuelans in Moruga       
      2 Charged with Possession of Cocaine for Trafficking   Photos: 1 & 2  
      Help Find SHANIKA & KALISTE MOHAMMED   Shanika Mohammed  
      Alleged  Card- skimmer gets $100,000 bail   Jade John  
      Robbery Victims Chase and Restrain Bandit in Couva   Photos: 1, 2 & 3  
      Rio Claro Man Charged with Possession of Marijuana   Photos: 1 & 2  
      Man who stole cutlass charged   Nicholas Charles  
      Bail and Fine for 2 Charged with Possession of Marijuana   Photos: 1 & 2  
      Chaguanas man Charged with Trafficking Marijuana in Tobago    Photos: 1, 2 & 3  
      TTPS mourns death of 16369 Sgt Lyndon Jacob   Sgt Lyndon Jacob  
      2 Fined for Drinking in Public during SOE   Photos: 1 & 2  
      2 years in jail for Stealing Mangoes   Jairy Mohammed  
      New Grant Labourer Charged with Shop Breaking and Larceny   Krishna Ramoutar  
      Tabaquite Man held - Firearm and Ammunition Seized   Photo: 1  
      Man Jailed  for 12 months for larceny      
      Rio Claro Man Charged for Murder of Taxi Driver   Motee Sookram  
      Man Tased during Incident in San Fernando      
      Help Find 15-year-old SARAH BAPTISTE   SARAH BAPTISTE  
      2 Arrested – Pistol Recovered   Photos: 1, 2 & 3  
      5 Charged- Marijuana seized during South Exercise   Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7  
      Three Fined $10,000 each for Breach of Curfew   Photos: 1, 2 & 3  
      Tobago Man Denied Bail for Sexual Touching of Girl, 10   Jessie Romeo  
      Security Guard charged with Valencia Murder   Terrance Francois  
      TTPS Mourns No. 7525 PC Kent Neptune   PC Kent Neptune  
      Shotgun, Army issued gear found- Woman Arrested   Photo: 1  
      Caroni  Teenager Missing   Destoni Ragoobar  
      1 shot, 2 arrested following shooting in PoS   Photo: 1  
      Found - DEVON MARSHALL      
      San Juan Teenager Missing Jeremiah Viarruel   Jeremiah Viarruel  
      No Bail for man charged with larceny of cellphones   Joseph Ambrose  
      Pastor Charged for Breaching Public Health Regulations   Lincoln Doughty  
      Help Find KAREEM TANG   Kareem Tang  
      Surveillance Leads to Arrest of Trafficking Suspect   Photos: 1 & 2  
      Jail for Man Charged with Breach of Curfew and Larceny   Alloy Turner  
      4 Fined $40,000 for Breaching Curfew    Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4  
      2 Fined $10,000 for Beaching Curfew in Cunupia      
      National of India Granted $350,000 Bail for Theft at Sports Complex   Photos: 1, 2 & 3  
      Police Officer Charged for 3 Offences including Larceny    Anthony King  
      Man guilty of Breach of curfew, DUI and dangerous driving    Keshav Amichan  
      2 Estate Constables Charged after Anti-Crime Exercise   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4  
      2 Men Charged for Breaching Curfew, Possession of Narcotics   Brandon Shockness & Isaiah Pritchard  
      4 Arrested in Oropune - Stolen Items Recovered   Photos: 1, 2 & 3  
      Man placed on Bond for Breach of Curfew   Photos: 1 & 2  
      CoP: Fake news can cause unnecessary panic      
      The Commissioner of Police calls on public to act responsibly      
      TTPS Observes Road Safety Week   Photos: 1 & 2  
      Tobago Woman Granted $50,000 Bail for Abandoning Children, 4, 6, 8      
      Crowd Quickly Dispersed in San Fernando       
      TTPS: No Large Gatherings in Chaguaramas       
      Police Seek Help Finding Chaguanas Teen – RAASHAD MODESTE   RAASHAD MODESTE  
      Prisons Officer Charged with Trafficking Contraband    Photos: 1 & 2  
      Search for Venezuelan – $80,000 Marijuana Seized   Photo: 1  
      Man Walks into Police Station – Charged with Illegal Vending      
      Local Held for Smuggling 14 Illegal Venezuelans       
      Man Caught Red-Handed following Break-in at Courts       
      TTPS Mourns Another Officer – No. 6250 PC Hayden Spencer    No. 6250 PC Hayden Spencer  
      Applications for Curfew Passes      
      Suspended Officer Appears in Court for Breaching Protection Order   Navendra Mangaroo  
      Firearm ammunition and marijuana seized in Arima   Photo: 1  
      18-year-old Arrested- Shotgun Seized in Cunupia      
      CoP: Citizens must act responsibly during the COVID-19 Pandemic      
      Cunupia Man Denied Bail for Robbery with Aggravation   Mark Hosten  
      Sangre Grande Woman charged with 4 counts of Fraud     Afiesha Mohammed  
      Sangre Grande Woman Missing- Dianne Joseph   Dianne Joseph  
      Arouca Man Missing Joseph Milton Mannette   Joseph Milton Mannette  
      Police Seek Help in Locating Jamaican – KASCEME RICARDO WHITE   KASCEME RICARDO WHITE  
      CoP Meets Virtually with the Tobago Division of the Chamber of Commerce   Photos: 1 & 2  
      2 CHARGED - 3 Shotguns Found   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4  
      Found -  DINELIA DANIEL      
      TTPS Expresses Condolences to Family, Friends of Acting Inspector Mukesh Sookram   Acting Inspector Mukesh Sookram  
      2 Appear in Court on Charges of Robbery with Violence   Ishmael Bradshaw & Shawn Adams  
      HELP FIND DINELIA DANIEL   Dinella Daniel  
      Two Juveniles among four arrested for larceny      
      No bail for men charged with Robbery   Brian Sampson, Tyreek Romeo & Shannon Joseph  
      $300,000 Bail for Man on 7 Counts of Sexual Penetration   Nicholas Chinsue  
      Found -  ROXANNE STACY PIERRE      
      HELP FIND – CHIQUITA CLINTON   Chiquita Clinton  
      One man dies after Police Involved Shooting Incident   Photo: 1  
      Breach of Public Gathering – 9 arrested      
      Rousillac man charged with 7 counts of sexual penetration      
      Marijuana, phones, chargers hidden in Juice boxes in Prison      
      TTPS defers resumption of CoC Service due to Covid concerns      
      No Sergeant Hamilton at Cyber and Social Media Unit      
      Burnt Remains Found- Palo Seco Man Charged   Ashmeer Beharry  
      20 Held in POS Recreation Club      
      Gonzales Woman Missing- Roxanne Stacy Pierre   Roxanne Stacy Pierre  
      TTPS Mourns PC Nicholson   PC Anthony Nicholson  
      Morvant Woman Arrested-16kgs of Marijuana Seized    Photo: 1  
      Firearm, ammunition and marijuana seized in Pleasantville    Photos: 1 & 2  
      Resumption of Certificate of Character Service      
      SRP Granted $150,000 Bail - Ordered to Stay Away from Boy, 15   Solange Griffith  
      'PAMPI’ Charged with 2018 Murder   Christopher Corke  
      Prisons Officer charged after Carrera Island Search   Ancil Crosby  
      Man Charged with Robbery – Search for 3 other suspects   Felix Elliot  
      Moruga Man gets 18 months for Robbery   Kareem Hilare  
      CoP- Ignore False Social Media Posts on Covid-19 and Law Enforcement Issues      
      Tobago Man Denied Bail for Sexually Penetrating Girls, 16, 17   Kevin Garcia  
      Moruga man fined $10,000 for Marijuana charge   Doneil Alexander  
      2 Penal Men Charged with Marijuana Possession   Photos: 1, Nicholas Cedeno, Keanu Chandler  
      Man Granted $75,000 Bail for Sexual Touching      
      4 Diego Martin Men Held after Robbery at Ma Pau      
      Tunapuna man charged with obtaining property by dishonoured cheque   Jeremiah Manrakhan  
      7 Nabbed following Robbery at Chinese Supermarket      
      Arima Man jailed for driving while disqualified      
      CoP Implements New TTPS Covid-19 Legal Hotline      
      Funeral money stolen – Labourer arrested   Akash Benjamin  
      Help Find – Carapichaima Man – BECKER SEELAL   Becker Seelal  
      Help Find – Couva Woman – MINTOI THORPE   Mintoi Thorpe  
      Man Ordered - "Thou Shall Not Steal"   Stephan Williams  
      Mechanic Appears in Court on Robbery charge   Photos: 1, Michael Gene  
      'FOX’ Denied Bail for Gun Possession   Travis Ali  
      CoP-Little deterrent for aiding illegal Venezuelans into TT      
      Scarborough Man jailed for 58 months for Shop-breaking and Larceny   Christopher Cabral  
      Two Men Denied Bail for Burglary   Kelly John, Peter Williams  
      Princes Town  man charged for possession of marijuana   Photos: 1, Jaleel Khan  
      Belmont Man Missing - Kevin Devignes   Kevin DesVignes  
      Decapitated Body found – Man Charged with Murder   Shakiyl Parris  
      Ex-Hilton worker charged with stealing $90,000 in alcohol   Romario Lamy  
      3 persons arrested during Operations Strike Back Exericse    
      Princes Town and Moruga men charged for marijuana possession   Photos: 1, Steve Hosein, Keron Ramcharan, Kent La Rode
      'Chiller' Charged during Operations Strike Back Exercise    Kareem Bynoe
      Princes Town Man Arrested, Shotgun Seized   Photos: 1, Kelvin Ramjitsingh
      CoP urges street vendors to adhere to Public Health Regulations     
      Help Find JEROMY RAMPERSAD   Jeromy Rampersad
      Two Arrested - Cocaine Seized in Carenage   Photo: 1
      Arima Woman Granted $100,000 Bail for Fraud Offences   Natasha Vickers
      No bail for man Charged with Raping Woman, 85   Denzil Dela Rosa
      Help Find – EVERALD LALLA   Everald Lalla
      Help Find GLORIA RAMLOGAN & JORDAN RAMLOGAN   Gloria Ramlogan, Jordan Ramlogan
      Four Arrested - Narcotics Seized in Port of Spain   Photos: 1, Jaiel Choy, Jevon Smith, Bianca Peters, Javon Choy
      Help Find CHRISTINA SOOKDEO & CALVIN SOOKDEO   Christina Sookdeo, Calvin Sookdeo
      CoP- Law Association should be concerned for law-abiding citizens    
      Arouca man arrested for possession of ammunition    
      Moruga Man Jailed on Three Counts of Larceny   Raion Charles
      Three held for shooting at the Police in Maloney    
      Laventille man arrested during Operation Strike Back   Photos: 1 & 2
      Woman and Two Sons Arrested- Rifle and Ammunition Seized   Photo: 1
      Two charged with Trafficking in Persons   Clement Aleong & Geraldine Abreu
      Two in Court for Sexual Acts to Girls, 9, 14    
      Man Told – Leave Your Cousin Alone    
      Two Remanded into Custody for Multiple Fraud Offences   Sopranius YoungAnthony Ramlal
      Dominican Republic National Charged with trafficking $2.8M of marijuana          Photos: 1, 2, Sonnil Gabriel Derafil
      Rhino Denied Bail for Shooting   Shaquille Sandy
      Police Seek Assistance in Identifying Body of Headless Man    
      Police seize large quantity of guns, ammunition at Couva Warehouse   Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
      Help Find TERISSA DILLON   Terissa Dillon
      Three Held with Automatic Rifle in Laventille   Photo: 1
      Four Arrested  in Valsayn, Firearm and Ammunition Seized   Photo: 1
      35 arrested for Breaching Covid-19 Regulations    
      Two Arrested –Camouflage Pants and Marijuana Trees Seized   Photos: 12 & 3
      4 suspects detained - 2 Venezuelan women rescued    
      Man to Appear in Court for Sexual Touching of Minor    
      Police Officer charged with Breaching Protection Order   Justin Redhead
      Beetham Teenager Missing - JAH KEISHA SWABY   Jah Keisha Swaby
      Two arrested after firearm found in San Juan house   Photo: 1
      Fifteen Charged during Illegal Vending Exercise    
      Man dies during Police-Involved Shooting in Enterprise    Jade Phillips
      Man fined for possession of marijuana   Clement Boodramsingh
      Five Men Appear in Court for Possession of Narcotics   Shadath Ramdial, Michael Samuel, Wilfred Mitchell, Luke Degannes, Alex Kerr
      Six Arrested for Breach of Public Health Regulations    
      Gasparillo Man Charged with Businessman's Murder   Leon Apping
      Large cache of arms, ammunition seized at Piarco Bond   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Man Arrested for Possession of Firearm and Marijuana   Photo: 1
      Wanted Man Killed in Police-Involved Shooting Incident   Photo: 1 & 2
      Businessman Granted Bail for Multiple Fraud Offences   Karl Mohammed & Stephen Rose
      PH taxi driver granted $150,000 bail on charge of raping Venezuelan    Joel Williams, Terrence Robinson & Joshua Ramlakhan
      3 Arrested Red-handed after Maxi Taxi Robbery    
      Tobago man told to stay away from 14-year-old girl   Renaldo Miller
      Soldier Granted $250,000 Bail on Gun Charge   Vedesh Sookoo
      Help Find MEGAN JOHNSON   Megan Johnson
      Businessman Held as 25 Firearm Parts Seized   Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
      Beetham Man Granted $10,000 Bail for Cruelty to Daughters, 8, 9    
      Help Find ADRIANA FORTUNE   Adriana Fortune
      Burnt body found – Man charged with murder   Jason Stapleton
      Man, 35, Remanded for Sexually Penetrating Girl, 16    
      Man Ordered – Stay Away from Girl     
      Woman Charged with Stealing PC’s Phone    Natricia Caines
      Magistrate tell Tobago man – Leave the Girl alone    
      3 Appear in Court for Gun, Ammunition, and Assault   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Soldier, Venezuelan, Held with Gun in POS   Photo: 1
      San Fernando Man jailed for 7 years for gun possession   Reuel Cardinal
      Head of SORT Charged with Misbehaviour in Public Office    
      Early Morning Crash in Westmoorings Claims the Lives of Two Young Men    
      5 Granted Bail for Illegal Vending in POS    
      Chaguanas Man Held with Revolver and Ammunition   Photo: 1
      Accused Told – Stay 500 metres Away from Your Brother    
      Police Recover Stolen Backhoe and Getaway Car   Photos: 1 & 2
      Venezuelan Charged with trafficking marijuana   Raul Benavides & Nicholas Rambaran
      Longdenville Woman Missing- Laura Gopaulchan   Laura Gopaulchan
      Homeless Man Arrested for House Breaking and Larceny    
      Man Charged with Sexual Penetration of Brother     
      Man Arrested – Guns, Ammunition, Narcotics, Seized in Valsayn   Photo: 1
      2 Women granted bail for illegal vending    
      3 Caught Red-Handed in East Dry River House Breaking    
      6 Arrested – Guns, Ammunition Seized in Maraval    
      $60,000 Bail for Man Arrested on six charges   Shaquille Buckmire
      Point Fortin Man Granted $5,000 Bail    
      Police Officer Shot- Suspect Dies in Shooting   Photos: 1 & 2
      Labourer Granted Bail for Sexual Offences   Keron Bhola
      Tobago Man Denied Bail for Sexual Penetration of Girl, 14   Kellon Alexander
      Second Man Charged with Murder of Businessman   Ronaldo Thomas
      Fisherman charged for wasteful employment of Police Time    
      Found - STEPHANIE RAMESAR   Stephanie Ramesar
      Mayaro Men Charged with Murder of Relative   Dhanraj Seukumar & Dinesh Rampersad
      Laventille Man Held for House Breaking, Stealing in Tunapuna    
      Help Find – 14-year-old – STEPHANIE RAMESAR   Stephanie Ramesar
      MISSING Woman from St. Joseph – JAMMEAL RICHARDS   Jammeal Richards
      134 rounds of ammunition found in Petit Valley   Photo: 1
      Valsayn Businessman Granted Bail for Fraud Offences   Neil Dougdeen
      $100,000 Bail for Sea Lots man    Anthony Mills
      Man dies Following Police-Involved Shooting in Icacos    
      Businessman granted $50,000 bail for indecent assault    
      La Romaine Mechanic Remanded for Larceny   Feearz Ryan Abdool
      2 Police Officers Charged with Misbehaviour in Public Office   Sherwin Salandy & Reynold Lakhan
      Mother Told – Leave Your Daughter Alone    
      Missing Pirogue Recovered in Sea Lots    
      Man fined $1,000 for wasting Police time   Junior Ali
      Police Inspector Charged with Obstruction of Justice   David Subero
      Chaguanas Man Remanded for Marijuana Cultivation   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Carenage Man Granted Bail for Sexual Penetration of Girl    
      Stay Away from Your Stepdaughter, Accused Told    
      15 Arrested, 660 Tickets Issued Over the Easter Weekend    
      3 Charged - $22,000 Worth of Marijuana Seized   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Mayaro Man Denied Bail for Sexual Assault to Boy, 5    
      Man charged with stealing TTPS car parts   Nicholas Siew
      9 persons arrested for DUI related infractions    
      Ducks and goats found inside stolen vehicle    
      Magic Mushroom Edibles, Marijuana seized in South    
      Contractor Charged with Larceny   Daven Dookie
      Man charged for falsely obtaining $54,000   Dinesh Ramesar
      Help Find Damanie Cobus   Damanie Cobus
      Arima Teen Missing- Jacente King   Jacente King
      Williamsville Teen Missing- Shania Ramai   Shania Ramai
      La Romaine Man Held with Pistol    
      Man Held- Vehicle with Tampered Chassis Number Seized on Port    
      27 Held for Breaching Public Health Regulations in Sangre Grande and Valencia    
      One Held Following Police-Involved Shooting Incident    
      Man detained – Vehicle with false plates found on Port    
      Cumuto Man Arrested with illegal Shotgun and Ammunition    
      Help Find Venezuelan LIZZIE ROMERO   Lizzie Romero
      Pump Action shotgun found in Caroni   Photo: 1
      $1.4M in Cocaine Seized during Operation ‘Central Take Back’   Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
      Held Find – AYANA HUGHES   Ayana Hughes
      Three men jailed for robbery in Princes Town   Othaniel Wallace, Akash Ramjass, Keylon Hamilton
      Four Held - Marijuana Found in Mayaro Exercise    
      Two Held – Shotgun, Ammunition Found in Blanchisseuse    
      17 Venezuelans Jailed for Illegally Entering the Country    
      No bail for labourer on robbery charge    
      Wanted murder suspect held by SORT    
      Help Find ALAYAH SCOPE   Alayah Scope
      Prisons Officer charged with uttering fake Medical documents   Nigel Pariag
      Man charged for stealing $7,800 in car parts   Anthony Ma
      Man jailed for 2 years for trafficking in firearms    
      24 Venezuelans detained in Penal    
      Man arrested after beating PH Taxi Driver and stealing car    
      Sangre Grande Man Charged with Brother’s Murder   Photo: 1
      Man Appears in Court for Gun, Ammunitions, Narcotics   Photos: 1 & 2
      Man Charged with Arson and Malicious Damage   Andre Shallow
      Gang Warfare Suspected in Murder of 2 Teenagers    
      Longdenville Man Missing - Shaquille Joseph   Shaquille Joseph
      Serial Number Restoration Training Lauded for its Innovative Uses   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Female Police Officer Charged with Trafficking in Firearms    Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
      Plymouth Man on $150,000 Bail for Sexual Touching of a Minor    
      Chaguanas Man Missing- Michael Christopher Mohammed   Michael Christopher Mohammed
      Couva Bar Owner Charged for Land Fraud    Ernest Todd
      Justice System gives Venezuelans "Get out of jail free card"    
      San Juan Man Granted $100,000 Bail for Sexual Touching of Girl, 8    
      Two Held Following Daring Daylight Robbery in Central Trinidad     
      Help Find – 17-year-old – SIMEON DYER   Simeon Dyer
      Venezuelan Among 2 Charged for Cocaine in Tobago   ONORIO SALAVERRIA & Chad Logan
      Man, 18, Killed Following Police-Involved Shooting in Trincity    Photos: 1 & 2
      Two Appear in Court for Store Breaking and Larceny   Anthony Harry & Mario Kamal Slaney
      Found - ALYIAH ADDIE    
      Carapichaima Man Denied Bail for Shop Breaking with Intent   Aaron Smith
      Valencia Man Charged with 2020 Murder   Jonathan Bernard
      2 fined a total of $10,000 for ammunition   Photos: 1 & 2
      San Juan Man Charged with Paying for Sexual Services of a Child    
      $12 Million Worth of Marijuana destroyed in Moruga   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      FOUND – JAMAL SONNY   Jamal Sonny
      Carapichaima Man Charged with 4 counts of Fraud    
      CoP: Adhere to Protocols for Easter, Shouter Baptist Celebrations    
      Man fined $5,000 for conspiracy to commit burglary    
      Gun, Ammunition, Camouflage seized in Diego Martin   Photos: 1 & 2
      Officer and Housewife Detained - Gun Seized    Photo: 1
      2 charged with trafficking marijuana    
      $120,000 worth of marijuana seized in Maracas    
      2 Detained for Robbery and Demanding Money with Menaces    
      Malabar Man Charged with Businessman’s Murder   Andrew Sutton
      One man arrested as stolen car recovered    
      Trinidadian Men in Court for Robbery in Tobago   Roland Whitlock & Elijah Constantine
      FOUND- KAREEM FRASER   Kareem Fraser
      2 Venezuelans Among 4 Held for Gun, Ammunition    Photo: 1
      2 Arrested for Attempted Shop Breaking in Chase Village    
      Princes Town Man Jailed for Robbery    
      La Romaine Woman Missing - Madhuri Duncan   Madhuri Duncan
      Three Charged for Cocaine Trafficking   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      4 Guns and Ammunition Found in Barrel on POS Port   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Man Charged – 5 Fleeced out of $211,600     Kevin Erin Hosten
      Man Charged for Receiving Stolen Phones   Lynden Bisnath
      Help Find KAREEM FRASER   Kareem Fraser
      Help Find Curepe Man- LAWRENCE AIGLE   Lawrence Aigle
      Teen Held for Snatching Woman’s Phone in POS    
      Massage Therapist Granted Bail for Sexual Touching of Girl, 9     
      5 Detained by Southern Division Task Force    Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Indian Walk Man Held with Marijuana    
      Suspect Held Hours after Robbery in NED   Photo: 1
      Acting DPP Orders Inquest into Death of Chaguanas Man    
      25 Venezuelan Held for Illegal Entry in Icacos    
      CoP extends condolences on death of police officer   ASP Erwin Joachim
      CoP: 1,500 Body Cameras Coming     
      2 Arrested- Marijuana, Fireworks and Liquor Seized   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Suspected Gang Members Arrested in Operation Strike Back 3    
      TTPS Closes Case in Death of Asami Nagakiya    
      Man, 52, Charged for firearm, ammunition possession   Photos: 1 & 2
      Princes Town Teenager Missing -  Jamal Sonny   Jamal Sonny
      Mason Hall Man Arrested-156 Marijuana Trees Seized   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      TTPS, Municipal Police and DOMA Discuss Traffic Management and Safety and Security in POS   Photos: 1 & 2
      TTPS Receives Boxing Ring and Equipment from TBBC   Photos: 1 & 2
      Arima Teenager Missing - Monique De Freitas   Monique De Freitas
      Help Find MERIA RODNEY   Meria Rodney
      FOUND – ANGELINA FRANCOIS   Angelina Francois
      Tobago Woman Charged for Assaulting Former Employer   Zalikea Howie
      Siparia Man Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Woman   Deopersad Ramsumair
      Woman,19  to Stand Trial   Avieon Sasha Lett
      3 Arrested – Pistol, Ammunition and Marijuana Seized   Photo: 1
      Man, 19, Charged with Sexual Penetration of Girl, 15     
      No Bail for Man Charged with Sexual Penetration     
      Firearm Seized - 3 Held as Operation Strike Back continues in WD    
      Security Guard Granted Bail on Assault Charges    
      Forklift Operator Charged with Rape   Richard Jeremiah
      Nine Illegal Immigrants Held during Operation Strike Back     
      Magistrate Orders Stepfather to Stay Away from 11-year-old Girl    
      CoP Responds to Judge’s Comments    
      FOUND - Missing  Barrackpore Man - Jaglal Hassanally   Jaglal Hassanally
      FOUND - Missing Teenager Janice Pyrce   Janice Pryce
      FOUND - ROGER RAMPERSAD   Roger Rampersad
      FOUND - Missing Teenager - Sheyann Smith   Sheyann Smith
      Lopinot Man Charged with 2019 Murder   Dillion 'Ratty' Sutherland
      Penal Man Missing - Shaffir Mohammed   Shaffir Mohammed
      Tobago Police Arrest 2 Men – Recover Stolen Cell Phones    
      CoP - I Gave no Instructions to Remove Vendors    
      CoP Discusses New Police Headquarters with NIPDEC   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      CoP meets with Down Syndrome Family Network   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Cunupia Businessman Granted Bail for Fraud Offences   Adesh Mano
      Malabar Officers catch Thief in the Act    
      Man 62 charged with possession of ammunition   Photos: 1, Deonarine Ramphuray
      Man Charged with Possession of Child Pornography Images    
      San Fernando Teenager Missing-ANGELINA FRANCOIS   Angelina Francois
      St Madeline man Missing - Roger Rampersad   Roger Rampersad
      TTPS Certificate of Character Service Disruption    
      Tunapuna Teenager Missing - Naomi Campbell   Naomi Campbell
      100 days Hard Labour for stealing neighbours’ chickens    
      Belmont Man Charged with Sexual Penetration    
      Officers Recover Missing Firearm and Ammunition    
      3 Arrested-Gun and Ammunition Seized   Photo: 1
      Missing Cumoto Teen  – JANICE PRYCE   Janice Pryce
      Missing Arouca Man  – GREGORY PEZAIR   Gregory Pezair
      Two charged for fraudulently obtaining $91,000   Peter Karim, Marlon Samuel
      Help Find SHANIKA & KALISTE MOHAMMED   Shanika Mohammed
      Two Women Charged for Illegal Vending in POS    
      Charlieville Man Charged with Attempted Rape   Richard Branker
      Help Find ARNOLD ANDREWS   Arnold Andrews
      Three Held for Larceny of Car Speakers    
      4 Years Jail for Housebreaking and Larceny   Elvis Soodeen
      Arima Teenager Missing Sheyann Smith   Sheyann Smith
      Barrackpore Man Missing - JAGLAL HASSANALLY   Jaglal Hassanally
      Brasso Teen Arrested – Stolen item recovered    
      Emile Elias Granted $100,000 Bail on Sexual Charges   Emile Elias
      Garage owner Arrested on Fraud, Larceny Charges   Tommy Reid
      Two Men charged with Shooting   Anton Edinborough, Bradley Patterson
      Venezuelan, 2 others arrested for Larceny    
      No Bail for man on sex charges    
      CoP Meets with Vision on Mission    Photo: 1
      Gun and Ammunition Seized-2 Arrested in Arouca    Photos: 1 & 2
      TTPS Unit Provides Counselling in Murder/Suicide Case    
      Firearm and ammunition Seized in Maraval    Photo: 1
      St. James Man Charged with Girl’s Murder   Kelvin Andrews
      FOUND  Missing Teenager- Quinzel Kamian Regis    
      La Brea teen granted $100,000 Bail    
      Foreigner among 2 held with Gun, Ammunition in Belmont   Photo: 1
      11 Venezuelans charged for Breach of COVID-19 Regulations    
      Father Granted $50,000 Bail for Cruelty to Sons, 6, 10    
      Fisherman Granted $200,000 Bail on Sexual Charges     
      CoP- Be Aware of False Information in the Public Domain    
      Vendor Fined $400 for Disorderly Conduct and using Annoying Language   Brandon Ottley
      Man fined $20,000 for Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition    Kyle Williams, Photo: 1
      Father Charged with 15 Sexual Offences Against Daughter, 17    
      Man Charged with the murder of Princes Town Housewife   Robert Taylor
      Marijuana Seized in North Eastern Division    Photo: 1
      Tobago Teen in Court for Assault Incident at Children’s Home     
      Local Law Enforcement Personnel to Benefit from Forensic Ballistic Intelligence Seminar   Photos: 1
      Arima Teenager Missing -  Aliyah Marcelle   Aliyah Marcelle
      Westmoorings Woman Granted Bail for Fraud Offences   Khadijah Ali
      Missing Teenager ALIYAH MARCELLE- FOUND    
      San Juan Man arrested for disorderly behavior    
      Tobago Teenager Missing Quinzel Kamian Regis   Quinzel Kamian Regis
      One arrested, firearm, ammo, marijuana seized    
      FOUND – Tobago Teen – ZEKI BROWN    
      La Brea Police Charge Labourer for Gun, Ammo    
      Southern Division Arrest 6 in Gun, Ammo Discovery    
      Penal Man to Appear in Court for Stolen Tyres   Riaz Ali
      Help Find – ANAMIKA RADOO    Anamika Radoo
      Help Find- DIANNE BARTLETT   Dianne Bartlett
      Police Seize, Drugs, and Camouflage in St Ann’s    Photo: 1
      Two Killed, One Held and Pistol Recovered in Police-Involved Shooting Incident   Photo: 1
      Homeless Man guilty for Stealing from TSTT    
      Chinese National held with firearm and ammo   Photo: 1
      14 arrested during “Operation Sweep Tobago by Storm”   Photo: 1
      Tobago Teen Missing- Zeki Brown   Zeki Brown
      ‘FOUND – Malick Teen – ANTONIA BROWN   Antonia Brown
      DPP Orders Inquest into the Death of Penal Man    
      La Brea Man Charged for Marijuana Posession   Photo: 1, Jemel Debesette
      Man charged for obtaining 32 phones with fake cheque   Kern Andrews
      Suspect held -Homemade Shotguns and Ammo Seized    
      40-year-old Charged with Rape of Pensioner   Shane Khan
      Man 20 Charged with Sexual Penetration    
      2 Held as Police Discover Marijuana in Port-of-Spain, El Socorro   Photos: 1 & 2
      Magistrate Orders Stepfather to Stay Away from Boy, 16    
      4 Teens Arrested during Anti-Crime Exercise in Tobago    
      Farmer, 42, arrested - assault rifle seized    Photos: 1, Sunil Balliram
       Help Find KENNY CAINES   Kenny Caines
      Two Charged for Possession of Marijuana   Photo: 1, Adreina BastardoAdrian Maharaj 
      4 Arrested - Gun, Ammo discovered in Vehicle   Photo: 1
      Court orders man to hold sign “I will not litter”    
       Man Granted Bail for Disorderly Behaviour    
      Two Men Held with a Quantity of Marijuana   Photo: 1
      Court Grants Orders to Forfeit $426,078    
      Three to Appear in Court for Sexual, Physical Abuse to Three Children                 
      One  arrested - Drugs, firearms, ammo recovered   Photos: 1, 2, 3, & 4 
         Four Arrested - Guns and Ammo Seized in San Fernando                                  Photos: 1 & 2  
      Fish Vendor Charged following Foot Chase by City Police    
      Man Arrested for Stealing Friend’s Chain at Home    
      Man, 64, Charged for Urinating in Woodford Square    
      Missing Teen – SERENITY THOMAS - FOUND   Serenity Thomas
      Multi-Agency Operation Nets 8 Suspected Drug Pushers   Photo: 1
      North-Eastern Task Force Rescues Man from Knife Attack   Photo: 1
      Two Charged for Possession of Drugs and Ammo   Photos: 1 & 2
      Two Men Charged for Larceny   Keshav Jahgoo Roger Harris
      One Woman Arrested - Marijuana Seized   Photo: 1
      Jaffa charged with wounding with intent   Joshua Roberts
      16 Charged during Operation ‘Capital Strike’   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Shopkeeper Arrested and Firearm and Ammo Seized    
      St. James Man Arrested Ammo Seized    
      Director Charged with Seeking to Obtain $4.8 Million from Government   Terrance Hypolite
      Longdenville Man Charged with Robbery   Kern Jerimiah
      16-year-old Charged with Manslaughter    
       Help Find– ASION TIMOTHY DELPECHE   Asion Timothy Delpeche
      Cunupia Woman Sentenced to Two Years’ Hard Labour   Maria Jacob
      Freeport Officers Capture Robbery Suspect    
      Help Find – LEONARDO MAHABIR   Leonardo Mahabir
      ASION TIMOTHY DELPECHE Found- With Friends   Asion Timothy Delpeche
      Sangre Grande Couple Denied Bail in Big Drug, Gun Seizure   O’Neil Bailey & Kelly Ann Pemberton Boodoosingh
      Woman Sent to St. Ann’s after Spitting on Police Officers in Court    
      Police Seek help in Locating the Relatives of Guyanese Woman   Gangadai Nankishore
      Two teens among three charged with Conspiracy to Murder    
      Man Fined, Bonded following Violent Episode in POS   Rodney Ronald Sampson
      Police Search for Sangre Grande Couple for Big Seizure   Photo: 1
      CoP and Couva North MP Meet to Discuss Anti-Crime Initiatives   Photo: 1
      CoP meets with UNDP Officials    Photo: 1
      La Romaine Man Held with firearm and Ammunition    
      Southern Division Working to Eradicate Gun, Ammo and Drugs in the Division   Photos: 1 & 2
      CoP Meets with Barkeepers and Operators Association   Photo: 1
      Court Grants Order to Detain $64,935 in Cash    
      Firearms and Ammo Found in Western Division   Photos: 1 & 2
      Jamaican Granted $60000 Bail for Cruelty to a child    
      Man in Court for Sexual Penetration of Female Minor    
      Phone thief jailed for 9 months   Kyle Baptiste
      Sangre Grande Officers Nab Purse Snatcher    
      CoP Meets with Chaguanas West MP and Business Sector Representatives   Photo: 1
      Officer Charged after Prison Search    Stefon Deocharan
      Police Foil Warehouse Break-In    
      Found – BRIAN GRIFFITH   Brian Griffith
      3 arrested as Police break up Social Gatherings in Western Division    
      Man arrested for Possession of Cocaine   Photos: 1, 2, Roger Goorahlal
      Man charged for House Breaking and Larceny, Burglary    
      Three arrested in Santa Flora for stealing equipment   Jevorn Roach, Malcolm Mollineau, Mark Baptiste
      ‘Rambo’ and ‘Shotta Boy’ to Stand Trial for 2019 Murder    
      5 Arrested for Illegal Vending in PoS    
      Court forfeits TT $77,620.25 from slain gang leader    
      2 Arrested- Narcotics and Shotgun Seized in San Fernando   Neil Archer, Nicholas Deonarine
      Two Missing Persons Found   Deisley Urbano, Ian Neverson
      Man Held after Robbery    
      Man Held after Robbery in Laventille    
      Known Offenders Detained for having Firearm    
      Marabella Man Arrested-Gun and Ammo Seized   Photo: 1
      $2,500 Fine for Man Found Driving Without DP, COI   Jeromy Rampersad
      Diego Martin Man Missing - Ian Neverson   Ian Neverson
      Man charged for possession of Arms and Ammunition    Anton Mulligan
      Husband, Wife to Appear in Court for Assaulting Traffic Warden    
      Two Men Charged for Unlawful Possession of Manhole Covers   Davindra Pooran & Malin Gaskin
      Man to Appear in Court for Robbery with Aggravation   John Paul Phillip
      3 Held after Robbery on Wrightson Road    
      4 Arrested - $250,000 Worth of Perishable Items recovered   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      $30000 Bail for Scarborough Man   Damien McEwen
      Barrackpore Man Charged with Six Counts of Fraud   Stefon Rabindranauth
      Two counts of Malicious Damage Charge for Roxborough Man   Goodwyn Alleyne
      Mon Repos Man Charged with Malicious Damage   Dexter Quamina
      Santa Cruz Man Charged with Possession of Gun, Ammo    Photos: Keyshawn Charles & 1
      Santa Cruz Man to Appear in Court for Attacking Task Force Officer with Knife    Photos: Chad Webb & 1
      DPP Orders Inquest-Suspect Released from Custody    
      Las Lomas Woman Missing - Shazida Nagamootoo   Shazida Nagamootoo
      10 Illegal Immigrants Detained in Chatham    
      Princes Town  Woman Missing - Alicia Aziz   Alicia Aziz
      Help Find ANTONIA BROWN   Antonia Brown
      $150,000 Bail for Sexual Charges Against Girls, 8, 9      
      Help Find Belmont Teen – DEISLEY URBANO   Deisley Urbano
      Tobago Woman Granted $50,000 Bail for Cruelty to Daughter, 14    
      Venezuelan Arrested for Robbery    
      Help Find ANTONIA BROWN   Antonia Brown
      CoP: Full-scale Probe into Deaths of 2 Persons in Police Custody    
      2 Teenaged Girls Charged for Kidnapping Taxi-driver   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Man, 32, Ordered to Stay Away from Girl, 16     
      Man, 18, Charged with Sexual Acts to Girls, 8, 9      
      Help Find BRIAN GRIFFITH   Brian Griffith
      Venezuelan National Arrested for Ammo in Southern Division    
      NED Task Force Arrest 3 for Gun and Ammo in Malick    
      TTCG Intercepts Vessel and Crew, TTPS Conducts Probe    
      FOUND – Brazil Teen – Aliyah Marcelle    
      Argyle Man Arrested for Glock Magazine, Ammo   Photo: 1
      Are the constant attacks on the TTPS by Senator Nakhid the views of the Opposition?    
      Cyber and Social Media Unit Advisory    
      Sea Lots Man Killed in Police-Involved Shooting Incident   Photo: 1
      Three Held, Pistol and Ammo Found in ND Exercise    
      One Held, Home-Made Firearm and Ammo Seized    
      Brazil Teen Missing- Aliyah Marcelle   Aliyah Marcelle
      Trincity Teen Found- Sabielle Rojas    
      Petit Valley Man Arrested for DUI Offence    
      Help Find ABRAHAM JOSEPH   Abraham Joseph
      Sangre Grande Police Cracks down on Drunk Drivers   Photos: 1, 2, & 3
      CoP- Increased Police Presence for Carnival and Valentine's Day-Themed Events    
      Arima Man Charged with Andrea’s Murder, Common-Law Wife for Receiving Stolen Goods   Negus George & Giselle Hobson
      3 arrested, firearm ammo, police- issued bullet- proof vest seized   Photos: 1 & 2
      Chaguanas Man jailed for 2 years   Samuel McLeod
      Curepe Man Denied Bail for Robbery and Kidnapping   Ameer Karim
      Man with 3 DUI Charges Jailed for 6 Months, Banned from Driving for Life   Sidney D'Andrande
      Rental Vehicle recovered after Robbery     
      Laventille Man Granted $15,000 Bail for Receiving Stolen Property   Roland Whitlock
      DSS founder charged with money laundering    
      Port-of-Spain Man Granted $15,000 Bail after Larceny Incident   Kashif Weeks
      Help Find SELINA JORDAN   Selina Jordan
      Traffic Disruption on Charlotte Street on Wednesday    
      Found - SELENA MIRCHAR   Selena Mirchar
      Morvant Man Held with Revolver, Ammo   Photo: 1
      Couva Man Held with Stolen Power-Tools    
      FOUND - Missing Persons    
      One Held - Revolver and Marijuana Found in POSD   Photos: 1 & 2
      Suspect in Andrea Bharatt’s Case Dies at Hospital    
      3 arrested- 9.45 kg marijuana, Stolen Items seized in Couva   Photos: 1 & 2
      Stolen vehicle recovered in Gasparillo    
      Police recover Stolen Vehicle    
      San Juan Man Missing Tyrell Cato   Tyrell Cato
      Help Find – HAMISHA PRETTY MOHAN   Hamisha Pretty Mohan
      3 arrested - Pistol and Marijuana Seized   Photo: 1 & 2
      CoP-No evidence that internal organs removed    
      FOUND – HAMISHA PRETTY MOHAN   Hamisha Pretty Mohan
      ‘Bhagi’ Remanded in Custody for 120 Days   Daniel Bansie
      California Man Arrested After Wounding Relative    
      FOUND – CHRISTIANN MAYERS   Christiann Mayers, Maliah Arthur, Tia Villafana
      Inquest Ordered – Suspect Released from Custody    
      Malick Man Held with Glock, Ammo   Photos: 1, Kirby Victor
      Man, 64, Jailed 3 Months’ Hard Labour for Larceny, Biting Security Guard   Charles Marchan
      Remains Found at Heights of Aripo    
      American and 3 Venezuelans Held on Boat    
      Three Held- Firearm, Ammo and Drugs Seized in WD    
      3 Held with Gun, Ammo, Marijuana in West Trinidad   Photos:1 & 2
      8 Granted $1,500 Bail for Illegal Vending in Port-of-Spain    
      Female body found in Heights of Aripo    
      Marabella Man Charged for January Robbery   Photos: 1, Trey Marcus Bernard
      Six Held- Guns, Ammo and Drugs Seized in CD   Photos: 1
      Trincity Teen Missing – Sabielle Rojas   Sabielle Rojas
      Princes Town Vendor Charged for Driving Under the Influence    
      Body of Andrea Bharatt found    
      3 charged – Trafficking in marijuana     
      CoP, Stop posting that Kidnap victim is dead    
      Court forfeits $11,164.00TT and US $6,135.00 from Wanted Man   Peterson Magaloure aka “El Chapo”
      Help Find - Kelvin Williams   Kelvin Williams
      Help Find - Reynold Yard   Reynold Yard
      Man charged with trafficking 45 Pounds of Marijuana   Photos: 1 & Roland La Rosa
      Kidnap suspect dies at hospital    
      $350,000 worth of Marijuana Destroyed in Grand Riviere   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Man Held with Gun, Ammo following Raid in Arima   Photo: 1
      Man, 61, guilty of Wasteful Employment of the Police    
      Marabella Couple Held for Trafficking Marijuana in Marabella   Photo: 1
      Maraval Woman Granted $1,500 Bail for Illegal Vending    
      Man, 52, arrested for wounding    
      Arouca Man Arrested after Failed Robbery Attempt    
      Guns & Ammo Seized at Birthday Party – Suspect Arrested   Photo: 1
      La Horquetta Man Missing - Mervyn Caddette   Mervyn Cadette
      Stolen vehicle recovered on the Highway    
      10 Illegal Immigrants Detained in Chatham    
        TTPS Sweeps down on a surge of  illegal gatherings  
        Penal Family Arrested for Possession of Gun, Ammo   
         Magistrate Orders ‘Ziggy’ to Stay Away from Family, Neighbours Sherwin Bute
        Port-of-Spain City Police Clamp Down on Illegal Vending   
        TTPS Cautions Drivers on Road Rage    
        3 Charged for Trafficking Guns, Ammo Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
        One Held, Ammo and Marijuana Seized in Maloney  
        Man Charged After Robbing Supermarket Three Times Photo: 1
        6 Venezuelans detained in Palo Seco  
        Marabella Man Arrested-Stolen Items Recovered Jaisaree Dookie
        Help Find MALIAH ARTHUR, CHRISTIANN MAYERS and TIA VILLAFANA Maliah Arthur, Christiann Mayers & Tia Villafana
        Second Man Charged for Larceny of Motor Vehicle Ryan Rambarran
        Two Held Stealing Property From School Compound  
        Carnbee man granted $125,000 bail for marijuana possession Photos: 1 & 2
        Trinidadian and Five Venezuelan Nationals Charged with Breaching Covid-19 Regulations Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
        Freeport man held for larceny  
        San Juan Teen Missing Jerimiah Mollan Jeremiah Mollah
        HELP FIND – RAVI DWARIKA Ravi Dwarika
        Korea donates Face Masks to TTPS Photos: 1, 2 & 3
        4 arrested - Ammo and Narcotics seized in San Fernando Photo: 1
        CoP: St. Mary’s Police Post has not been closed  
        Man Gets Protection Order Against Woman T'Shura Belgrave
        PoS Man in Court for Assaulting Woman Dion McKenzie
        Princes Town Man held for larceny of money  
        Man Held After Chopping Relative  
        Man, 20, Jailed for 3 Months for Larceny, Resisting Arrest Stephon Michael Hackett
        Magistrate Orders Man to Stay Away from Girl, 16  
        Penal Man to Appear in Court for Robbing Woman of Cash Christopher Meade
        Municipal Police Arrest Man for Driving with No Licence, Insurance  Rawlston Alexander
        Over 100 detained at St James Nightclub for breaching Regulations  
        Vendor Arrested for Robbery with Aggravation Shackille Pinder
        Labourer Arrested for New Year’s Day Shooting Michel Gittens
        Accused Car Thief Gets $250,000 Bail Nazrudeen Sookoor
        Help Find SARAH JOHNSON Sarah Johnson
        ‘Preacher’ Charged with ‘Brain’s’ Murder Kevon Matamoro
        Non-Lethal Force Used to Subdue Violent Suspects  
        Wanted Suspect killed by Police in Santa Cruz  
        Mayaro Man to Appear in Court for Ammo Photos: 1 & 2
        Tobago Man Charged for 2020 Murder  Jameel Legall
        Point Fortin Municipal Police Detain 10 Suspected Illegal Immigrants   
        POS City Police: Zero Tolerance on Littering – 71-year-old Among 3 Persons Charged  
        Boy, 15, Charged for Robbing Police Officer  
        Accomplice arrested for Robbery  
        HELP FIND – KADESHA COX Kadesha Cox
        3 Charged with Diego Martin Robbery Photos: 1, 2 & 3
        Two Men Charged for Possession of Firearms and Narcotics Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
        Venezuelan Held for Smuggling 4 Illegal Immigrants at Guapo   
        Accused in Lady Chancellor Hill Shooting Incident Appears in Court    Mescharch Quamina
        Teens  arrested for  Larceny of 250lb of fish  
        Help Find ANDREW RAMIREZ Andrew Ramirez
        Chaguanas Man Granted $15,000 Bail for Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct  Ashmeed Ali
        San Juan Teen Missing - Darius Pitt Darius Pitt
        Tobago Division Cops FIFA PS4 Tournament  
        Chaguanas Bar Shut Down Over Health and Safety Concerns  
        School Driver Granted $40,000 Bail for Sexually Touching Girl, 13  
        Help Find ELIJAH WILLIAMS Elijah Williams
        Diego Martin Couple Held with Pistol and Marijuana Photos: 1 & 2
        Magistrate Orders Prison Officer not to Threaten, Abuse Wife Marlon Lawrence
        Woman Granted $25,000 Bail for Cruelty to 3 Children  
        Three Arrested and Vehicle Seized   
        CoP expresses condolences on the Passing of Another Officer PC Neil Thompson
        2 arrested firearm, ammunition, marijuana seized Photos: 1, 2 & 3
        Man Charged with Robbery and Possession of Ammunition  
        Man, 24, Denied Bail for Sexually Penetrating Girl, 16  
        Woman arrested during sting operation  
        Two Arrested – Electronics, Jewellery, Accessories Recovered  
        Employee granted $250,000 bail on charge of theft of gun at President’s House  Kyle Scott
        Chaguanas Man Arrested for Impersonating a Police officer Robin Krishna Mahabir
        Help Find DONNELL FRANCIS Donnell Francis
        Help Find BALJEET PHAJOO Baljeet Phajoo
        Fifth Man Charged in Robbery Incident in Couva Photos: 1, 2 & 3
        Two Venezuelans and Two Locals Found with 6 Monkeys, a Gun and Ammo Photos: 1 & 2
        City Police arrest man for Larceny  
        CoP Extends Condolences on Passing of Police Constable PC Jesse Ramroop
        Two Arrested on Gym compound Photos: 1 & 2
        Police Recover stolen vehicle in quick time  
        Attempted Assault - Firearm and ammo seized in  Diego Martin  
        Marijuana and ammo found and seize in Arima Photo: 1
        Tunapuna Teen Missing Maryanne Alcala Maryanne Alcala
        Found Maria Paul  
        Chaguanas Man Held with Gun, Ammo and Stolen TV  
        Shotgun, Pistol and Ammo Found in Central Division Photo: 1
        Couva Man Denied Bail for Larceny Offences Photo: 1
        CoP Meets Persons of Interest Regarding Gang Threats Photos: 1 & 2
        CoP Clarifies TV6 News Report  
        Suspect Detained – Missing Firearm from President’s House   
        Suspect Detained – Missing Firearm from President’s House Recovered  
        Court Orders Forfeiture of $99,900  
        Trinidadian Man Detained for Smuggling 8 Illegal Venezuelans  
        Security Officer Charged – Stolen Furniture Recovered Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7
        St Joseph Man to Appear in Court for Gun, Ammo Photo: 1
        Two Santa Flora Men Charged for Assault Photos: 1 & 2
        Police arrest 2 During Drug Trafficking Deal in Maraval Photos: 1, 2 & 3
        Jamaican Denied Bail for Sexually Penetrating Girl, 14  
        Mason Hall Teenager  Missing - Judlean Trinidad Judelean Trinidad
        Penal Man Sentenced to 30 Days’ Hard Labour for Stealing Bike Photos: 1 & 2
        CoP: TTPS to Monitor Virtual Carnival Events  Photo: 1
        Nigerian National- Cocaine in Fishing Reels Photo: 1
        Fyzabad Man to Appear in Court for Robbing Chinese Supermarket Mosi Alfred
        One man arrested $251,437 seized in Tobago Photos: 1 & 2
        Help Find CLIFTON SCIPIO Clifton Scipio
        CoP: Moriah Police Station remains open  
        Mason Hall Man Granted Bail for Sexual Assaults to Girl, 13  
        Second Suspect Charged for the 2019 Murder  Marc Anthony Benois
        HELP FIND – ALIYAH ADDIE Aliyah Addie
        HELP FIND – WINSTON JAGNA Winston Jagna
        Six Held in NED Anti-Crime Exercise  
        Two Arrested - Marijuana, Gun and Ammo Seized    Photo: 1
        Police Nab Gun-Toting Suspect Photo: 1
        Wanted Sexual Offender Arrested During Speed Exercise Duane Johnson
        ‘Super Muslim’ Denied Bail for Gun Possession  Photos: 1 & 2
        CoP meets with UK High Commissioner Cross and UNLIREC Representative Photos: 1, 2 & 3
        50 Ticketed for violations- Firearms, ammunition  
        Man Arrested on Knowsley Compound  
        Firearm, Ammunition seized in Maraval Photo: 1
        Man arrested – Gun, ammo, marijuana seized Photo: 1
        CoP: TTPS to launch probe into Queen’s Hall Carnival fete  
        Transit Police Detain Suspect, Recover Stolen Items  
        2 suspects held for sexual assault on girls  
        Police detained man for wounding woman  
        CoP: TTPS to intensify patrols on Parties  
        Captain and Fisherman Arrested, Contraband Seized Photos: 1 & 2
        Two Men Held after Robbing Woman of Cash, Jewellery  
        71 Ticketed for Not Wearing Masks at Birthday Party  
        Help Find CAMILE SUCRE Camile Sucre
        Father, Son charged for Murder of Taxi Driver Photos: 1 & 2
         Inquest ordered - 3 foreigners released following New Year's death   
        HELP FIND – DARREN MORRISON Darren Morrison
        1.2 Kilogrammes of Marijuana Seized – One Person Arrested Photos: 1 & 2
        6 illegal Venezuelans, 1 Trinidadian Held in Penal  
        CoP: Virtual Carnival fetes cannot and should not be used as an avenue to have Mass Gatherings  
        Marabella Couple Charged for Possession of Cannabis and Ammo Photos: 1 & 2
        Husband Charged with Wife’s Murder Kurt Sylvester
        $135,000 worth of Marijuana seized in Greenhouse Photos: 1, 2 & 3
        2 Charged, 1 for Rape and Abduction, the other for possession  of ammunition  
        Couva Man Missing Jhonnis Yesep Cotua Jhonnis Yesep Cotua
        14 Mounted and Canine Branch Officers Graduate Photos: 1, 2 & 3
        Three Firearms and Ammo Found by NEDTF  
        Arima Pensioner Missing - Bridget Hanely Bridget Hanely
        Diego Martin Man Charged with Marijuana Possession Photos: 1 & 2
        Point Fortin Man Charged with Two Counts of Larceny by Trick  Trevor Jackson
        Man arrested – Shotgun and Marijuana seized in Biche    Photos: 1, 2 & 3
        Found  Bridget Hanely  
        CoP offers condolences to fallen officer Insp. (Ag.) Danraj Maharaj
        Teen Arrested for Possession of 2 Pistol and Magazines Photos: 1 & 2
        CoP Backs Judo Training Pilot Program for New Batch of Recruits Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
        Help Find Selena Mirchar Selena Mirchar
        Help Find Akala Winchester Akala Winchester
        Petit Valley Man Charged with Christmas Day Murder Akiel Sylvester
        Glock Pistol Seized – One suspect arrested Photo: 1
        HELP FIND – NAOMI CAMPBELL Naomi Campbell
        Police Arrest Gun-Toting Man in Vistabella  
        Male Relative Assisting Police in Death of Preysal Woman  
        Tobago Truck Driver Arrested for Trafficking Marijuana Photos: 1 & 2
        96 died – Lowest figure in the past 63 years  
        Gang Unit Arrest Man with Gun, Ammo in Enterprise   
        Prison Officer to Appear in Court for Prohibited Items  Shawn St. Louis
        Burglary Suspect Held following Police Chase in Trincity  
        Man Held with Gun, Ammo – Manhunt on for Suspect at Large Photo: 1
        Four Men to be Charged for Gun, Ammo Possession in Carenage  Photo: 1
        Police Arrest Three in Connection with Man’s Death in Macoya  
        Help Find Enterprise Teen – AVALON REID  Avalon Reid