2020 Media Releases

      CoP warns of midnight countdown at Hotels, Restaurants, and Bars    
      Man Seen Brandishing Gun on Social Media Arrested – Gun Seized    Photo: 1
      TTPS- Be Ready for DUI and Road Exercises    
      Morvant Woman Detained following Suspected Arson Attempt in Port-of-Spain     
      Unemployed Man Charged for Robbery with Violence   Karl Callendar
      3 Charged for House Breaking and Larceny   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      TTPS: Zero Tolerance on Unauthorised Sale and Unlawful Use of Fireworks    
      Four Arrested- Stolen Items Recovered   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Fraud Squad Seeks Assistance in Locating Vehicles Purchased with Fraudulent Cheques    
      FOUND – Missing Tunapuna Teen – MEGAN JOHNSON    
      Shotgun Found in Vehicle – One Man Arrested   Photo: 1
      San Fernando Man Charged following Shooting Incident    Kwasi Jason Forde
      Highest Percentage of Drop in Murders and all Violent and Serious Crimes in over 30 years    
      Two Arrested – Cocaine Seized    Photo: 1
      Venezuelans Arrested- Shotgun Seized   Photo: 1
      Cache of Ammo Seized in Diego Martin   Photos: 1 & 2
      Prisoner Found Dead in Cell     
      Missing Persons    Keon Lewis & Megan Johnson
      Laventille Man Charged with Murder of Jamaican National   Kadeem Williams
      Gasparillo Teen Missing – Jaalana Lewis   Jaalana Lewis
      WANTED- ROGER BISSOO   Roger Bissoo
      Teen Granted $50,000 Bail for Sexual Penetration of Girl, 12    
      $5.8 million in Marijuana seized – 5 men charged   Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
      3 Charged for Possession of Marijuana in Shirvan    Photos: 1 & 2
      CoP promotes 120 officers, including 9 ACPs   Photo: 1
      Police Find Missing Girl - Charge Man for Sexual Penetration    
      Man Charged for Sexually Assaulting Girl, 11    
      Man, 29, Charged for Sexual Assault to Girl, 17    
      3 Men Charged for Sexual Assaults following CPU, SORT Dragnet    
      ‘Mama’ Charged with Manslaughter   Photo: 1
      Police Intercept Car with Marijuana – Man Charged with Trafficking    Photos: 1 & 2
      17 Held During Couva Anti-Crime Exercise    
      Tobago Man Held After Hitting Brother in the Head with a Gun    
      Two Held in Morvant Attempting to Steal Car Parts    
      Three Held Shortly after Robbery Incident in Piarco    

Media Release- FOUND- San Juan Teen – Shania Applewhite

      Media Release- Gasparillo Teen Missing – Saleem Thompson    

Media Release- Arima Man Missing – Javon James

      Media Release- Arima Man Missing – Yaseen Almarales    
      HELP FIND – JOMAREE GREAVES   Jomaree Greaves
      California Man Charged for Robbery with Violence   Perry Vaughn Pollard
      Officers Pursue and Arrest Robbery Suspect in Port of Spain    
      WPC Charged with Assault by Beating and Unlawful Assault   Photo: 1
      Man Held with Pistol In Southern Division    
      2 Arrested, Drugs Seized and Ammo Found    Photo: 1
      Four in Court for Firearm and Ammo Possession   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Woman granted bail on charge of wounding husband   Photo: 1
      5 charged for attempting to stealing kayak    
      Man arrested – Firearm seized    
      Man charged for having fake insurance    
      Man Denied Bail for Beating his 9-year-old Son    
      La Horquetta Man Found Dead    
      42 Motorists Ticketed in South Trinidad     
      6 Illegal Venezuelans Detained, Marijuana Seized in Siparia    
      HELP FIND – RIHANNA TEEMAL   Rihanna Teemal
      Man, 23, Charged for Stabbing Girl, 16   Photo: 1
      91 Officers Promoted to the Rank of Inspector   Photo: 1
      Civil Engineer Charged for Marijuana Trafficking     Photos: 1 & 2
      One Killed, Two Wounded in Police-Involved Shooting    
      Help Find SHELDON RICHARDS   Sheldon Richards
      One Killed in Police-Involved Shooting in PoS   Photo: 1
      Man Granted Bail for Sexual Touching of Girl, 14    
      Husband Denied Bail for Breaching Protection Order    Photo: 1
      TTPS Concerned as 3 killed in Accidents in Space of 6 hours     
      Help Find FRANCIS DE FOUR   Francis De Four
      San Juan Man Charged with Ashanti’s Murder and Sexual Offences Against Minor   Luciano Quash
      25 Venezuelans Detained in Santa Flora    
      Two Thieves Jailed for Warehouse Larceny   Photos: 1 & 2
      CoP- Stop Posting Personal Information of Women on Social Media    
      5 arrested for possession of marijuana - Camp destroyed    
      3 shotguns found - Man, 63, arrested   Photo: 1
      4 arrested stolen car recovered    
      44 Persons arrested at "Zesser" party in La Horquetta    
      2 killed, weapons, ammo seized   Photo: 1
      Help Find SHANIA APPLEWHITE   Shania Applewhite
      Off-Duty Police Sergeant Saves Businessman from Being Killed   Photo: 1 & 2
      Police Nab Man After Stabbing Incident in Mall’s Car Park    
      Venezuelan Man Charged for Marijuana Trafficking   Photo: 1, Eduard Manuel Chacin Hernandez
      Wife Charged with Assaulting Husband   Dyan Bailey
      Accused - Pay me to get a job in Ministry of Works    
      Burglary Charge for Princes Town Man   Raymond St. Clair
      Eleven Arrested Firearm and Drugs Seized    
      Magistrate Orders Man - Stay Away from Wife   Dwayne Roberts-Greene
      Man Charged with Breaching Protection Orders   Linton Cochrane
      Man, 26, Denied Bail for Sexually Assaulting Girl, 11    
      Municipal Police Officer Arrested    
      PH Driver Granted $150,000 for Sex Acts to Girl, 17    
      Stay Away from the Minor, Magistrate Tells Suspect    
      Videographer Charged with Sexually Touching of Girl in a Church    
      Digicel presents desktops to TTPS for use in Enterprise Community   Photo: 1
      TTPS meets with the Blanchisseuse Community   Photo: 1
      CoP sets the record straight    
      Couva Man Arrested for Bank Loan Fraud   Jekeil Roberts
      Not closing - Blanchisseuse Police Station    
      Princes Town man arrested for September Robbery   Shakeel James
      Suspect Arrested After Crashing Car - Gun and Ammo Seized   Photo: 1
      CoP meets with Education Minister to address issues plaguing youth   Photo: 1
      Help Find - Allyeah Jack   Allyeah Jack
      Help Find - Chanka Singh   Chanka Singh
      Penal men held for stealing Goats   Photo: 1
      Five Venezuelans detained for illegal entry    
      $600,000 Marijuana found on-board Cabo Star   Photos: 1 & 2
      3 Teens Charged for September Murder   David Floyd, Selene Belle & Rivaldo Beckles
      FOUND  Woodbrook Woman - Mayra Gaimes   Mayra Gaimes
      Help Find – Serenity Thomas   Serenity Thomas
      Man, 56, to Appear in Court for Sexually Touching Cousin, 13    
      Port of Spain Teenager Missing- Anika Moses   Anika Moses
      San Juan Man Charged with Sexual Assault to Girls, 6, 13    
      $1.3 Million in Marijuana Seized in Central   Photo: 1
      5 Arrested in Rio Claro   Photos: 1 & 2
      4 Venezuelans Arrested- Marijuana Seized    
      7 Arrested During Anti-Crime Exercise in Central Division   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Man arrested - $500,000 in Cocaine seized   Photo: 1
      $16 million worth of Marijuana Destroyed in Moruga   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      10 arrested – Drugs, weapons and ammunition seized   Photo: 1
      Police rescue Chinese National – Woman arrested    
      Police Seize Ammo, Cash, Narcotics in Chaguanas – Two Arrested   Photo: 1
      Two Venezuelans detained for illegal entry     
      3 held for $500,000 robbery   Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
      Drugs and Cash Seized – Boy, 16, arrested   Photo: 1
      City Police Officer charged with possession of Marijuana   Photos: 1, Saphire Fabian & Cureem Scott
      Couple charged for using counterfeit bank debit cards   Danielle Glaude & Sean Melville
      Man Fatally Shot by Police in Santa Cruz   Photo:1
      Magistrate dismisses application to return DSS Money    
      14 Non-nationals Arrested in Western Division   Photos: 1 & 2
      ‘Maverick’ to Answer to Five Charges in Court Today   Brendon Romain
      2 men charged for sex acts with minors    
      2 Police Officers charged with Misbehaviour, Corruptly receiving Money   Marlon Scipio & David Subero
      Help Find DENIELLE WINTER   Denielle Winter
      Laventille Man to Appear in Court for Marijuana Trafficking   Photos: 1 & Shaquille Noel
      More police foot patrols in North-Eastern for Christmas   Photos: 1 & 2
      Police Seize $225,000 Cash from Errant Driver   Photo: 1
      Two arrested - ammunition seized   Photo: 1
      Help Find ASHANTI RILEY   Ashanti Riley
      Man Arrested for Robberies and Kidnappings   Jaleel Ashton
      Man, 43, Charged for Sexually Assaulting Sisters, 11, 13    
      PH Driver Charged for Sexual Touching in Taxi    
      Two Men Charged for Sex Acts to Girls, 5, 13, 15    
      Workman Charged for Sexually Touching Girl, 13    
      CoP Meets with UNC Internal Elections Management Committee    
      Help Find DESTINY DAVIS   Destiny Davis
      Police find props for music video - not firearms    
      Police Search for Escapee Devon Lewis   Devon Lewis
      3 Charged after Police Exercise in Valencia   Photo: 1
      Bon Accord Man Charged for Cocaine Possession   Photos: 1 & George James
      San Fernando Man Arrested for Possession of Firearm and Ammo   Photo: 1
      SRP Arrested for Disorderly Behaviour and Resisting Arrest    
      Stolen Van Intercepted – One Man Arrested    Photo: 1
      Colombian, 21 Venezuelans, Detained in Carenage   Photo: 1
      CoP Meets with Chaguanas Mayor   Photo: 1
      CoP Meets with Venezuelan Ambassador   Photo: 1
      Father, Son Charged for Sexually Assaulting Girl, 14    
      Man, 24, Charged with Sexual Assaults after Facebook Meeting    
      Man, 35, Charged for Sexually Touching Cousin, 15    
      Man, 51, Charged for Beating, Sexually Assaulting Boy, 13    
      Security Guard charged after making false report   David Balkaran
      Found - Missing Maraval Man  Joseph George   Joseph George
      Found - Missing Chaguanas Teen Lutchman Samaroo   Lutchman Samaroo
      Suspect arrested for Robberies    
      Three Venezuelans detained in Palo Seco    
      Two Venezuelans Among Five Arrested in Moruga    
      Police Recover Stolen Vehicle   Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4 & Kerdell Mohammed
      Maraval man missing - JOSEPH GEORGE   Joseph George
      Chaguanas Teen Missing - LUTCHMAN SAMAROO   Lutchman Samaroo
      Tobago man arrested for causing malicious damage    
      Rousillac Man Arrested -Gun Seized   Photo: 1
      Persons held in Zesser Party – Summons by end of the week    
      Man Granted $75,000 Bail for Sexually Assaulting Cousin, 16    
      “Lennyboy” to Face Burglary Charge   Giddeon Barlo
      2 in Court for Murder in Tobago   Deon Gardiner & Jabari James
      27 Repatriated Immigrants Detained…Again   Photos: 1 & 2
      Commissioner Griffith meets CODO   Photo: 1
      CoP meets WASA on Security   Photo: 1
      Help Find SHANECE SEATON   Shanece Seaton
      Help Find SHARMATIE BRIDGEMOHAN   Sharmatie Bridgemohan
      Man charged with wounding after fight   Nandram Khanai
      CoP meets with Chaguanas East MP   Photos: 1 & 2
      Charges to be laid by summons for those held in Zesser Party    
      Mother Granted $30,000 Bail for Throwing Boiling Water on Daughter, 17    
      Stepfather Granted $250,000 Bail for Sexually Assaulting Girl, 13    
      Grandfather Granted $100,000 Bail for Sexually Abusing Boy, 7    
      Man in Court after Home Invasion at Officer’s Residence   Renaldo Saroop
      Diego Martin Man Charged for Possession of Firearm and Ammo   Photos: 1, Dave Thompson
      Two charged for Possession of Cocaine  Ammunition in Couva   Photos: 1, Gary Ghansu & Kelvin Parmesan
      Police Detain Seven Illegal Venezuelans in Woodland    
      5 charged with Gang-Related activities   Anthony Caine, Kerwin Williams, Dwayne Skeete, Akiel Hovel & Calvin Lee
      Man Caught Red-Handed Breaking into San Fernando Warehouse   Kevin Ali-Atwell
      Man Charged for Chopping Goat, Threatening Neighbour   Kendall Khan
      Man Held with Gun, Ammo in St. James    
      TTPS Cracks Down on Zesser Party in Central Trinidad   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
       Man arrested for firearm and ammunition    
      Three Charged after Shootout with Police   Adrian Maharaj, Ken Wallace, Leon Carrerra
      Two arrested for possession of ammunition    
      5 men arrested - Iphone recovered in NED    
      1 man arrested - quantity of cash recovered    
      Gang Leader, Members Arrested in POS    
      Guns and Ammo found in Northern Division   Photos: 1 & 2
      2 men arrested - Marijuana seized on  Duncan Street   Photos: 1 & 2
      CoP Awards 51 Detectives for Dismantling Gangs   Photo: 1
      CoP- 'Shoot Goals Not Guns'   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Cops Rescue Crying Baby Found Abandoned in Bushes   Photo: 1
      TTPS Extends Condolences on Passing of Police Constable   SRP Lennox Mohammed
      29 Illegal Venezuelans Detained in South    
      Man in Court for Receiving Stolen Items   Dane Richardson
      Man Granted $80,000 Bail for Assaulting a Police Officer   Marc Anthony Joseph
      Four Arrested Minutes After Robbery    
      Missing Teen Found - RIANNA RAMBISSOON   Rianna Rambissoon
      San Juan Teen Missing - RIHANNA TEEMAL   Rihanna Teemal
      70 Ticketed for Various Traffic Infractions    
      Columbian with 7kgs of Marijuana Charged   Photo: 1, Nelson Fabio Ureche Navas
      St. Joseph Man Charged with Murder   Isaiah Martin
      San Fernando Teen Missing – Rianna Rambissoon   Rianna Rambissoon
      40 Tickets Issued for Failure to Wear Mask   Photo: 1
      Couple Charged for Possession of Firearm, Ammo   Photo: 1, Akeem Kinsale, Nicole Cedeno
      Morvant Man Jailed for 10 years for Robbery   Marcus Richardson, Charis Pompey
      Point-a-Pierre Man Arrested for Possession of Firearm   Photo: 1
      Tobago Farmer Held with Prohibited and Endangered Animals   Photo: 1, Gilbert Yeates
      Firearm ammo seized in Deigo Martin   Photo: 1
      TTPS remembers Road Traffic Victims    
      Man Arrested- 54 Marijuana Trees Found at His Home   Photo: 1 & 2
      ‘Tortoy’ Granted $100,000 Bail for Possession of Gun, Ammo   Photo: 1
      Aranguez  man arrested for possession of marijuana   Photo: 1
      CoP directs that a Police Officer be given a ticket for not wearing a Mask   Photo: 1
      Longdenville Man Charged for Malicious Damage   Travis John
      Venezuelan Nationals Detained in Road Blocks   Indira Bastardo, Jhoanna Villa, Yelisabert GomezYanetzi Ramos
      2  Barrackpore men arrested for  Larceny   Vijai Jugmohan, Christian Outar
      Tobago man arrested – Firearm, ammo seized   Photo: 1
      2 Persons Arrested, firearm and ammunition seized   Photo: 1
      Church Elder, 68, Charged for Sexually Assaulting Girl, 13    
      Sangre Grande Police catch Bandits    
      Venezuelan charged for damaging property   Luis Marquez
      60-year-old man arrested for possession of guns and ammo   Photos: 1 & 2
      Delaford Man Arrested-Marijuana and Ammo Seized   Photo: 1
      2 charged with Breaching Regulations on Boat   Damian Lee, Trevor Best
      21 Ticketed for Wearing No Masks in Sangre Grande    
      Beetham Gardens Man to Appear in Court for Larceny   Lester Romany
      Carenage  Teen Missing -TYRESE  WILLIAMS   Tyrese Williams
      Faster Police Response Expected with the Repurposing of the Brasso Police Station   Photo: 1
      Father Charged for Sexual Abuse to Daughter, 14    
      Man arrested for robbery with aggravation   Craig Williams
      Man Charged with Choking, Beating Boy with Iron    
      Man fined $8,000 for Warehouse Burglary   Michael Huggins
      Mayaro Man Missing - Statom Octave   Statom Octave
      One arrested - Stolen Vehicle Recovered   Photo: 1
      TTPS Warns of Unauthorised Sale and Unlawful Use of Fireworks    
      3 Venezuelan women charged- ammunition seized    Amitzadays Uricare, Lineisis Salazar, Luisctreth Uricare
      Couva Man Held with Assortment of Guns, Ammo, Foreign Currency   Photos: 1 & 2
      Marijuana trees valued at $150,000 destroyed   Photos: 1 & 2
      Sangre Grande Man Arrested for Possession of Marijuana   Photos: 1, David Hinds
      Stolen Vehicle Found – Petit Valley Man Charged   Jonathan Jobity
      TTPS to intensify law enforcement for Covid-19 Regulations    
      Stolen Nissan B 14 recovered in South    
      4 Persons Arrested – Armadillo Carcasses, Marijuana Plants and Plantain Seized   Photos: 1, 23, Julie Alexis, Jakim Sydney & Carl Ramnarine
      Chaguanas Man Charged with Malicious Damage   Surindra Sookram
      Scaffolder Charged with Burglary, Malicious Damage    
      Police Foil Robbery Attempt on Charlotte Street    
      Southern Officers Nets Three Men for Possession of Cocaine, Marijuana, Gun and Ammo   Photo: 1 & 2
      1 Man Arrested and a Quantity of Marijuana Seized   Photo: 1
      2 Arrested, 1 Firearm,Ammo and Drugs seized in Southern Division   Photos: 1 & 2
      Man Arrested for Possession of Cocaine   Photo: 1
      Two Arrested, $.2M of Cocaine Seized   Photos: 1 & 2
      $525,000 in Marijuana Destroyed in St Joseph   Photos: 1, 2, 3 4
      Man Charged after Being Caught Red-Handed during House Burglary   Brandon Phillip
      Suspected Car Thieves Arrested for Gun, Ammo   Photo: 1
      Three Arrested - Shotgun Seized   Photo: 1
      Penal man charged for shop breaking and larceny   Photo: 1
      Two Charged for murder of Businessman   Dwayne Baldeo , Renee Mohammed
      Man arrested after snatching jewellry    
      One man arrested – marijuana and pistol seized   Photo: 1
      Stolen Nissan B 13 car recovered    
      Acting DCP Meets with French Ambassador   Photos:1 & 2
      ChildLine Tip Off Leads to Sexual Charges Against Man, 20    
      Help Find CARLOS CARTHY   Carlos Carthy
      Labourer and Vendor Arrested for Gun and Ammo   Photo: 1
      Marijuana Valued at $100,000 Found in Grande Riviere   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Missing Teen Found - ANNALEE BALMACOONSINGH   Annalee Balmacoonsingh
      TTPS was ready to proceed with breach of Public Health Regulations Cases    
      Police recover Stolen Vehicles     
      Siparia man charged for assaulting Police Officer   Julien Andrews
      FOUND – CARLOS CARTHY   Carlos Carthy
      Carlsen Field Man Charged with Store Breaking and Larceny   Michael Neptune
      Man Surrenders to Police Following Stabbing Incident    
      Mentally Ill Man Pepper Sprayed, Tased    
      No Bail for Two Charged for Larceny   Dave Maharaj, Keith Fortune
      Prison officer  arrested for Arson    
      Sangre Grande Teen Missing -ANNALEE BALMACOONSIGH   Annalee Balmacoonsingh
      No Offences Committed in Respect of Video Involving Boy    
      Jamaican Man Charged with Sexually Penetrating Girl, 14    
      Help Find NOTORIA YOUNG   Notoria Young
      FOUND – Missing Teen – HEMA RAMKISSOON   Hema Ramkissoon
      31 Venezuelans Arrested at Los Iros Beach    
      Two arrested - Air Rifle, Bullet proof vest and 12 gauge ammunition seized   Photo: 1
      2 Bar owners arrested for breaching Public Health Regulations   Photo: 1
      Man held with Beretta, 16 rounds of ammo   Photo: 1
      One Man Arrested - Stolen Items Recovered   Phtoto: 1
      Three Arrested -16 tickets issued at Maracas    
      Penal Man Held with Vehicle Bearing False Plates    
      Half a Million Dollars in Marijuana Destroyed in San Juan   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Maloney Teen Missing – Wendy St. Bernard   Wendy St. Bernard
      Ward of Mary Care Home Missing – Kayla Bengochea   Kayla Bengochea
      Father Charged with Killing Son   Astro Stoute
      Arouca Man Missing – Dane Suepaul    
      FOUND - Arouca Man – Dane Suepaul    
      Man Arrested, Lingerie, Book bags and Shoes Recovered   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Man in Court for Stealing Tent   David James
      Gun Found in Dustbin   Photo: 1 
      7 Diego Martin Men Held in Mayaro for Attempted Warehouse Break-in    
      2 charged  for possession of marijuana for trafficking   Photo: 1
      60-year-old Charged for Wounding with Intent   Avalon Regis John
      Help Find ALIYAH JAMES   Aliyah James
      Police seize Uzi and recover stolen items   Photo: 1
      Point Fortin Officers Arrest Burglar and Car Thief   Photo: 1
      3 Held after Marijuana Found in Tobago House    
      Businessman Granted Bail for Obtaining Laptops by False Pretences   Joseph Cain
      ERP Officers hold purse snatcher    
      3 charged for Possession of cocaine for trafficking   Photos: 1 & 2
      $12.75 million worth of Marijuana Destroyed in Moruga   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      No bail for Venezuelan on marijuana charge   Photo: 1
      Arima Teen Missing - Giselle Estrada   Giselle Estrada
      Man Arrested - Ammunition, Tactical Gear Seized   Photos: 1 & 2
      No bail for 3 on kidnapping charges   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Cuban Charged for Murder of Venezuelan woman   Photo: 1
      Cops rescue victim- 3 arrested for kidnapping    
      Suspect Wounded During failed Robbery    Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Two Men Charged with Abducting, Raping Girl    
      ‘Big Mesh’ Charged with 2019 Murder   Shurland Brown
      Police Seize Marijuana from Church Compound   Photos: 1 & 2
      Teen Appears in Juvenile Court for Larceny    
      Police arrest one suspect after South Robbery   Photo: 1
      21 Illegal Venezuelans detained - Shotgun seized   Photo: 1
      Police, Army Capture Robbery Suspect within Minutes    
      Father Attempts Suicide, then Charged for Sexual Abuse of Daughter    
      60-year-old Detained after Wounding Incident    
      Five Million Dollars in Marijuana Destroyed in Maracas   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Man Charged with Five Offences after Shooting Incident   Anderson Granger
      Stolen Vehicle recovered in Barataria    
      Help Find Hema Ramkissoon   Hema Ramkissoon
      Marijuana Found Aboard the Cabo Star, Two Arrested   Photo: 1
      Barrackpore Police Recover Stolen Vehicle   Photo: 1
      Minor charged for robbing Officer    
      Santa Flora Man Tased after Attacking Officers    Urilton Baptiste
      Two Officers Charged with Perverting the Course of Justice   Hendron Moses & Keron George
      WHAT PROOF?   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Over 90 percent reduction in non-appearance of Police Officers in Court Cases    
      FOUND – Missing Teen – HARMONY HENRY    
      2.5 Kgs of Marijuana Recovered   Photo: 1
      SRP Shoots Suspect During Home Invasion    
      Clay Blocks Recovered – Tabaquite Man Arrested   Richard Bhagaloo
      Stolen Cash Recovered, Wounded Bandit Arrested in Tobago    
      Venezuelan Arrested, 12.8 Kgs Marijuana Seized in Carenage    
      22 Venezuelans Detained in El Socorro    
      Two arrested for Drugs in Northern Division   Photo: 1
      TTPS Intensifies Monitoring of Quarantined Covid-19 Patients    
      Seven Persons Arrested for Various Offences in Northern Division     
      Man Charged For Murder of Ex Girlfriend   Kerry Kaydon Daniel
      Stolen Vehicle- Firearm Recovered in North Eastern  Division   Photo: 1
      Fifth Person Arrested for the Murder of Alveion ‘Crime Boss’ Nurse    Tristan Reno
      Cocorite Teen Missing – Harmony Henry   Harmony Henry
      Security Officer Held for School Breaking     
      Tobago Man Charged for Sexually Assaulting Girl, 13    
      Uncle Charged for Beating Nephew, 10    
      Police Rescue Prohibited Animals, Seize Marijuana in Penal   Photo: 1, 2 & 3
      Help Find AKEEM MALONEY   Akeem Maloney
      Man Charged with Robbery at Chaguanas Doctor’s Office   Ashton Ramsoogoon
      Bandit identified through fingerprints    
      3 Biche Men Charged with Possession of Cannabis   Photo: 1
      No Bail for Alleged Car Thief    
      6 Illegal Venezuelans Among 13 Arrested in Police Dragnet     
      One suspected bandit denied bail   Photos: 1 & 2
      Police Officer Charged for Sexual Penetration of Minor   Photo: 1
      Help Find TRICIA ANTHONY and AKIM CHARLES   Photo: 1
      TT$13.5 Million in Marijuana Trees Destroyed in Biche   Photos: 1 & 2
      Help Find SABELLE ROJAS   Sabelle Rojas
      FOUND - Missing Rio Claro Teen – LAQUISHA FRANCIS    
      Police Nab 6 Illegal Venezuelans – Seize Ammo in Penal   Photo: 1
      4 detained as two Ak-47s, two pistols found in South   Photo: 1
      Cunupia Police Recover Stolen Vehicle Hours after Theft   Photo: 1
      Help Find DONTE AUSTIN   Donte Austin
      Sangre Grande Man Granted $10,000 for Wounding Woman   Kendel Burkley
      4 Charged after Marijuana Found in Vehicle   Photo: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      South Western Police Seize Marijuana and Birds    Photos: 1 & 2
      Stolen vehicle recovered in La Romain    
      Glock Pistol recovered in Pinto Road   Photo: 1
      Rio Claro Teenager missing - Hema Ramkissoon    
      Key murder suspect held with high-powered weapons   Photo: 1
      Two Men Arrested for Possession of Firearm   Photo: 1
      FOUND – Arima Teen – SHAKTI JOSEPH   Shakti Joseph
      Help Find Mandel Straker   Mandel Straker
      ERP Police Officers Arrest Gunman   Photo: 1
      2 Arrested as Marijuana Found Hidden in Vacuum   Photo: 1
      7 arrested for breaching Covid Regulations at DSS Registration in Tobago    
      COP: 220 persons arrested since GBVU formed    
      Gun, Ammo seized, $55,000 in stolen items recovered    Photo: 1
      CoP: TTPS is an Independent Agency    
      Grandfather Charged for Sexually Assaulting Girl, 14    
      Help Find NICHOLAS SAMAROO   Nicholas Samaroo
      CoP out of country until October 31st    
      Man Charged with Being a Gang Leader   Ranjee Chadee
      CoP welcomes foreign investigators for DSS Probe    
      Stolen Vehicle Recovered - Three Arrested   Photo: 1
      Police Sergeant granted $50,000 bail on Assault Charge   Curtis Applewhite
      Tunapuna Man Held with Gun at Home    
      Father granted bail on child Cruelty Charge    
      Police Inspector Charged with Misbehaviour in Public Office   Voster Yearwood
      TT$4.5 Million in Cocaine Seized in Port-of-Spain   Photo: 1
      CoP- 4 Officers Suspended, 11 Transferred in DSS Probe    
      Sub machine gun, animals seized in raids   Photo: 1
      Cops recovered stolen vehicle   Photo: 1
      FOUND – Missing Teen – AMY LINDA LUTCHMAN    
      Police officer, civilian charged with $680,000 Robbery   PC Roberts & Kevin Morrison
      Vehicle with False Plates Recovered    Photo: 1
      Thirty-Four Illegal Immigrants Intercepted in Cedros      
      3 Venezuelan women among 8 held with firearm    Photos: 1 & 2
      Tobago Man Charged for Giving Girl Alcohol    
      Siparia Man Charged for Stealing Friend’s Car at Gunpoint   Ian Linton
      Stolen Vehicle Recovered in an Hour    
      Cocorite Man Arrested After Assaulting Ex-girlfriend   Photo: 1
      Commissioner of Police meets with new British High Commissioner   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Help Find AMY LINDA LUTCHMAN   Amy Linda Lutchman
      One arrested Firearm and ammunition recovered in Oropouche   Photos: 1 & 2
      Toco man charged for Breaching Protection Order   Robert George
      Police Officer Charged with Shooting with Intent to Murder     PC Rajesh Ramdass
      Sangre Grande man fined for Breaching Protection Order   M. Deonarine
      Breach of Protection Order - No contact with the victim   S. Muslim
      11 Kilograms of Marijuana Recovered   Photo: 1
      FOUND – Missing Teen – SHANIQUA IFILL   Shaniqua Ifill
      Four Charged after Gun, Ammo, Cannabis Found   Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
      PC charged – firearm, ammo left in wrong vehicle    
      Soldier Held as North-Eastern Division Task Force Officers Seize Guns, Ammo in Malick   Photo: 1
      Western Division Officers Arrest Two for Car Robbery Spree    
      Help Find 15-year-old MARIA PAUL   Maria Paul
      Vistabella Couple Arrested for Possession of a Firearm    Photo: 1
      TTPS Extends Condolences to Victims’ Families in Fatal Accident along UBH    
      Siparia Man Charged for Murder    Sunil Dookie
      Tunapuna Woman Arrested   Photo: 1
      NED Officers Recover Vehicle     Photo: 1
      Missing San Juan Teen – Shaniqua Ifill   Shaniqua Ifill
      2 Charged with Supporting a Gang   Andrew George & Matthew Ross
      Mechanic Charged with Sexual Assault of a Minor    
      3 Charged under the Anti-Gang Act   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      San Fernando Officers Discover Robbery Spree   Photo: 1
      Four Charged for Attacking Police Officer    Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Matelot Man Charged with Possession of Marijuana    Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      North-Eastern Division Task Force Officers Recover Stolen Vehicle within Minutes   Photo: 1
      HELP FIND – JADA DOVE    Jada Dove
      HELP FIND – KEVELLE RENAUD      Kevelle Renaud
      Teen Among Three Held Inside POS Supermarket    
      Chaguanas Man Held with Marijuana at his Home    
      Two Arrested for Robbery Spree   Photos: 1 & 2
      Man Killed in Police-Involved Shooting    
      CoP, POSD Heads Meet with Mayor and DOMA   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Truck Driver Arrested for Illegal Firearm   Photo: 1
      Police officers shot at every six days   Photos: 1 & 2
      One Man Arrested –Firearm, Ammo Seized   Photo: 1
      14 arrested for  Breach of Covid-19 Regulations    
      Bank Teller Held with Marijuana Trees at Home   Photos: 1 & 2 
      Help Find KESHAUN ABDOOL   Keshaun Abdool
      Senior Superintendent of Police Charged with Indecent Assault   Peter Dominique
      Help Find RENALDO QUAMINA   Renaldo Quamina
      Two Hospitalised Following Police-Involved Shooting    
      Port Worker Arrested, Gun, Ammo and Narcotics Seized   Photo: 1
      Seven Arrested for Beach ‘Lime’    
      Man Charged for Possession of Cocaine   Photo: 1 & 2
      Rio Claro Man Charged with Breaching Protection Order   Ryan Lall
      Sangre Grande Man Charged for Murder    Dennis Rajnarinesingh
      Stolen Vehicle recovered in Wallerfield    
      Help Find SHAKTI JOSEPH   Shakti Joseph
      Two Held Following Report of Housebreaking in St. Ann’s    
      Carenage Man Held with Revolver and Ammo at Home    
      Five Held and Over 10kgs in Marijuana Seized by SDTF   Photo: 1
      Firearm Found and Stolen Vehicle Recovered in Princes Town    
      Claxton Bay Teen Missing - Salina Santoo    
      Sangre Grande Teen Missing - Melissa Paul   Melissa Paul
      2 Assault rifles, ammo recovered in Malick   Photo: 1
      $867,945 in cocaine seized   Photo: 1
      Stolen boat engines recovered    
      Help Find – MIKAHAIL JACY RAMRATTAN   Mikahail Jacy Ramrattan      
      Western Officers Return Stolen Vehicle to Owner     
      Escaped prisoner recaptured   Isaac Lovell
      Wanted Venezuelans Arrested    
      ‘Grinch’ Denied Bail for Sexual Penetration of Minor    
      Help Find Alim Khan   Alim Khan
      Woman Caught Trying to Ship Cocaine in Shoes   Photos: 1 & 2
      Labourer Arrested for Marijuana Trafficking   Dennison Miguel
      3 Charged After Home Invasion in Rio Claro   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Eastern Detectives Discover One Million Dollar Drug Den   Photo: 1
      West End Officers Return Stolen Vehicle to Owner     
      Marijuana Trees and Seedlings Found at a Home in Chaguanas, One Man Arrested   Photo: 1
      San Juan Teen Missing – SHANIA APPLEWHITE   Shania Applewhite
      Two Vehicles and Assorted Vehicle Parts Recovered   Photo: 1, 2 & 3
      Help Find JOHNNATON JAMEEN JOSEPH   Jonathan Jameen Joseph
      Wallerfield Man Arrested for Gun, Ammo and Marijuana Possession   Photo: 1
      TTPS:  No report of domestic violence made to the Police     
      Two men charged for possession of Marijuana   Photos: 1 & 2
      Manhunt on for suspect   Photo: 1
      Five men arrested for trafficking in Firearms   Photo: 1
      Penal Teen Missing – LOREENA BABOOLAL   Loreena Baboolal
      Cocorite Man Charged with Cruelty to Boy, 8    
      Woman Arrested for Failing to Report Sexual Assaults on Her Daughters    
      Nephew, 19, Arrested for Raping Aunt, 14    
      Curepe Man Charged with Series of Sexual Offences   Aldwyn Stewart
      Longdenville Man Arrested After Firearm Recovered   Photo: 1
      Pt Fortin Labourer Arrested for Gun & Ammunition   Photos: 1 & 2
      CoP: Video footage of perceived removal of evidence would be thoroughly investigated - Not a TTPS Officer.    
      13 Venezuelans Detained in Erin    
      Kidnapped Woman Rescued by Police Officers    
      Western Police Officers Warn Public of Increased Car Thefts    
      Mechanic charged with $25,000 fraud   Ackim Alexander
      San Juan man to appear before San Fernando Magistrate   Photos: 1 & Vidash Ramjit
      Freeport man charged for House Breaking and Larceny    
      2 men charged with robbery in Penal    Darrion Padilla & Jociyah Hunte
      18 Venezuelans, 14 Chinese Nationals detained at Curepe Bar   Photos: 1 & 2
      NED Officers Recover Eight Stolen Sheep   Photo: 1
      Castara Man Held with Marijuana Following Foot Pursuit   Photos: 1 & 2
      Cunupia Man Nabbed with Gun, Ammo    Photo: 1
      Petit Valley Man Arrested with Gun, Ammo, Drugs   Photo: 1
      $4 Million in Marijuana Destroyed   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      CoP launches probe after $22M cash handed back    
      2 Denied Bail for Kidnapping Baby     
      Four arrested-ammunition recovered    
      WPC granted $250,000 bail on 5 fraud charges   Photo: 1
      Arima man arrested for wounding with Intent    
      9 arrested as Police seize millions in Pyramid Scheme   Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
      Driver arrested after cannabis found in vehicle   Photo: 1
      Man arrested after shotgun found at his home   Photo: 1
      3 charged with kidnapping baby   Anjali De Gannes & Judah Taitt
      Marijuana found after vehicle intercepted in Arima   Photo: 1
      4 arrested for possession of cannabis    Photo: 1
      3 arrested, gun and drugs found during anti-crime exercise   Photos: 1 & 2
      Man charged with 2 counts of sexual penetration to child, 12    
      Help Find 17-year-old SHAKAIRA MOORE   Shakaira Moore
      Help Find IMITIAZ ALI   Imtiaz Ali
       Man in court for shooting at police   Photo: 1 & Levi Joseph
      TTPS Launches Online COC Application Service    
      Firearm and ammo found in La Horquetta   Photo: 1
      Stolen Vehicle recovered in George Street    
      Suspect Held and Gun Seized in Arouca   Photo: 1
      Seaman on $250,000 bail for gun, ammo   Photos: 1 & Anderson Paul
      TTPS Investigating Online Teaching Abuse Incidents    
      Electrician appears before Siparia Magistrate charged with wounding with intent   Leeshawn Ahyew
      Help Find KEON JOSEPH   Keon Joseph
      Second Man Charged with Quadruple Murder   Akeem Mitchell
      Man arrested, shotgun seized.   Photos: 1 & Amit Mohammed
      CoP: TTPS to monitor Covid-19 positive patients    
      Man charged with setting fire to Ministry of Health Building   Jean Paul Cooper
      Scarborough man arrested for wounding    
      Kidnapped Baby Rescued – 2 Arrested    
      Two arrested – AR Rifle seized   Photos: 1 & 2
      Man arrested on seven counts of sexual penetration of  child, 10    
      CoP Receives Final PCA Report- Will Act on the Recommendations    
      Debunking False News    
      Man, 63, Charged with Breach of Protection Order   Lance Joseph
      $22M worth of Marijuana destroyed   Photos: 1 & 2
      Man arrested- stolen vehicle recovered    
      Suspects charged after Glencoe robbery   Nicholas Solomon, Reaba Gilding
      2 charged after house break-in and larceny    
      Sangre Grande man charged for possession of firearm   Photo: 1
      Robbery Suspect killed by Police – guns, ammo seized   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Woman in Beach Video interviewed by Police    
      Man, 53, arrested for sexually assaulting girl, 12    
      Gasparillo man charged for sexually touching girl, 15    
      Police Inspector foils robbery   Photo: 1
      Speedy Recovery of Stolen Vehicle by TTPS   Photo: 1
      CoP Gary Griffith not going anywhere – He has a country to defend    
      Police recover stolen vehicle with false plates    
      Man arrested, all items recovered after barbershop break-in    
      Las Lomas Police recover stolen vehicle after home invasion     
      Farmer arrested for gun, ammo, cultivating of marijuana   Photos: 1 & 2, Harold Loubon
      Driver Charged – 111 microgrammes over the limit   Randy Ramjit
      TTPS Warns of Vehicle Overcrowding Following Serious Accident    
      Father arrested for dealing blows to sons, 7, 9    
      5 Venezuelan Nationals Rescued at sea while Fishing     
      Taxi driver arrested for sexually assaulting girl, 12    
      Two stolen vehicles recovered by officers of IATF   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      TTPS- CoP was invited to meeting with PM    
      Man arrested for sexually assaulting girls, 6, 10, 12    
      CoP's Response to PM    
      Marabella Teen Missing- Anameka Walters    
      Morvant Teen Missing- Cerllis Mendoza    
      Marijuana Plantation Destroyed in Matura   Photo: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      One man arrested and a quantity of cash and drugs seized   Photo: 1
      One man arrested and two Firearms, Ammunition and Drugs Seized in San Juan     Photos: 1 & 2
      Firearm and Ammo Seized in Western Division     
      Help Find Sean O'Neil Hinds   Sean O'Neil Hinds
      CoP clarifies statements in public domain    
      Suspect killed by Police – gun, ammo seized   Photo: 1
      Two persons arrested - firearms, ammo and narcotics seized     
      Chaguanas Man Arrested for House Breaking    
      Couva Man Charged with Murder of Venezuelan National   Calvin Bahadur
      Tunapuna Man charged for beating woman with fan   Vijah Saith
      14 Held During Early Morning Exercise in Northern Division   Photo: 1
      CoP: Police operate within the Law    
      Cunupia man arrested for Larceny    
      Arima Man Charged with Neighbour’s Murder   Wayne Baptiste
      Robber caught red-handed in Cocoyea    
      Taxi-driver Denied Bail for Kidnapping and Robbery   Aaron Titus
      La Romaine teenager Missing - Allyah James   Aaliyah James
      Assault Rifle found in Diego Martin   Photo: 1
      Mt Hope Man guilty of Beating Woman   Sherlon Caseman
      4 teens arrested after break-in at ECCE Centre    
      CoP meets with Barataria/San Juan MP, Business Association   Photo: 1
      Quick response leads to arrest of robbery suspects    Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Boy, 16, Charged with Murder of Elderly Woman    
      Curepe Man arrested for wounding with intent    
      Man, 28, charged with raping woman, 74   Alvin Sookram
      Man arrested for possession of gun, ammo in St Joseph   Photo: 1
      HELP FIND ALIENNE REID   Alienne Reid
      Tobago Man Charged with Assaulting Two Women   Wendell Ollivierre
      Plymouth Man Pleads Guilty to Beating Woman   Damion Lester Mc Ewen
      Belmont man held for firearm, ammo after robbery   Photo: 1
      Tobago Handyman Denied Bail for Breaching Protection Order   Wendell King
      61 Ticketed for Not Wearing Face Masks    
      Tobago Man Gets Bail for Kidnapping Girlfriend    Alyandro Dumas
      Two arrested for House Breaking and Larceny    
      One arrested – firearm, ammo seized    
      2 charged after welding plant stolen in Maloney   Photos: 1 & 2
      Help Find MARIA PAUL   Maria Paul
      FOUND – Missing Fyzabad Teen – CECELIA MATHISON    
      One Man arrested for Firearm and Ammo in Santa Cruz   Photo: 1
      9 Gathered Playing Cards in Sangre Grande Charged    
      12 charged with gathering at Marabella Bars     
      32 Police Recruits test positive for Covid-19     
      West End Police search for 2 after robbery    
      Security guard arrested after shooting incident    
      Help Find PRAYER MILLER   Prayer Miller
      Debunking False News – COVID-19 shuts down Fraud Squad    
      Help Find Venezuelan National Joann Diaz   Joann Diaz
      Two arrested for possession of marijuana for trafficking   Photo: 1
      ‘Stolen items recovered by Western division officers    
      Prison Officer arrested for possession of prohibited Items    
      Two Charged in $94.7M Drug Bust   Photos: 1 & 2
      Mayaro man arrested for possession of marijuana   Photo: 1
      Fyzabad Teen Missing – CECELIA MATHISON                                                   Cecelia Mathison
      FOUND – SATESH KISSOON     Satesh Kissoon
      Two Arrested after high-powered rifle found in Cunupia   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      D’Abadie man arrested for possession of cocaine and ammunition   Photo: 1
      Help Find Ariel Ashe   Ariel Ashe
      'Missing Siparia Man – DARREN REASON’   Darren Reason
      'Firearm and Ammo Seized after attempted robbery’     Photo: 1
      'Missing La Romaine Man – SATESH KISSOON’     Satesh Kissoon
      Help Find CHRISTINA SOOKDEO’   Christina Sookdeo
      'NDTF officers nab 4 suspects within minutes of robbery'    
      2 held – Marijuana seized in Freeport during routine traffic stop   Photo: 1
      6 charged for wilful trespass of George Street HDC apartment   Photos: 1, 2, 3, & 4
      CoP meets with Tarodale Community   Photos: 1, 2, & 3
      La Horquetta man arrested for wounding with intent    
      CoP: It is an offence to swim in the waters Down the Islands    
      Found - Missing Teenager AZZARIA JOSEPH    
      Found Missing Marabella Teenager  Chiquita Clinton    
      Found Missing Valsayn Man James Ng Saye    
      2 men charged for gender-based violence offences   Jameel Ishmael Allard 
      Tradesman bonded for assault and breaching protection order   Richard Rochard
      Student arrested after drugs, ammo, found in vehicle   Photo: 1
      Venezuelan woman held at sea with marijuana     
      Help Find Boodham Basdeo   Boodham Basdeo
      Couple charged for possession of stolen Motor Vehicle   Photos: 1 & 2
      TTPS Seeks Information on Person of Interest   Photos: 1 & 2
      4 charged for string of robberies, home invasions in West   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Help Find Tamia James   Tamia James
      3 Venezuelan Teens – Persons of Interest   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      2 Firearms, ammunition found in Maloney   Photo: 1
      $655,800 cash seized at La Horquetta   Photo: 1 & 2
      CoP: I will do all in my power to deal with the Hackshaw matter    
      Police are seeking the public’s help in finding Tarique’s parents or guardian   Photo: 1
      Man arrested for Breach of Public Health Ordinance Regulations    
      Help Find AZZARIA JOSEPH   Azzaria Joseph
      TERRIQUE DURHAM Parent/Guardian Found    
      Tobago SRP charged for Breach of Quarantine Order   Wimana Combie
       La Romain man granted $210,000 bail for robbery offences     Jamaal Matthews
      3 Venezuelan Teens Breach Quarantine- TTPS Seeks Public's Assistance    
      Debunking False News- Complete Lock Down and Quarantine at Home    
      Carapichiama Man gets bail for Breaching Protection Order    
      2 Held, Firearms and Ammo Seized in Trincity   Photo: 1
      Tobago man granted bail on assault charge    Photo: 1
      Chinese national killed– 6 locals, 2 Venezuelans held during Barataria Robbery     
      Tableland man charged for firearm, ammo and marijuana    Photo: 1
      Moruga man arrested and firearm seized    Photo: 1
      Two arrested - stolen items recovered     
      8 Arrested for various offences in Northern Division      
      5 Charged with Tobago Murder   Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
      Diego Martin Man Appears in Court for Breach of Protection Order   Karlin Alexander
      Siparia Teen Charged with Burning Death of Tobago Woman   Aliyah Farrel
      POS Woman Charged with Fraud   Serlana Joseph
      Three Held with Stolen Items During Anti-Crime Exercise    
      Marabella Teen Missing- Chiquita Clinton   Chiquita Clinton
      St. Joseph Man Killed during Police-Involved Shooting    
      Carapichaima Man Charged with 2018 Murder    
      CoP- I shall not be bullied    
      TTPS Seeks Information on Person of Interest     
      Young driver chalks up Demerit Points and loses license    
      CoP: I will act on the Hackshaw matter, but with due process    
      Person of Interest located    
      Man arrested  - Firearm, ammo seized in Malabar      Photo: 1
      Debe Man Arrested – 94 Stolen Animals Recovered   Photos: 1 & 2
      Vendor Charged with Possession of Ammunition   Chris Kernil Motiram Photo: 1
      Help Find VICTOR SAMUEL LOUISON   Victor Samuel Louison
      Maloney Man arrested - Firearm and ammo seized        Photo: 1
      Venezuelan National Charged with Narcotics Possession   Elias Dellan Photo: 1
      Diego Martin man charged with Sexual Assault Against Girl,16      
      TTPS receives finger print scanner   Photo: 1
      SRP, Guard charged with attempted murder of Venezuelan teen   Akini Rodriguez & Aaron Ramkissoon
      Help Find ALIYA MARCELLE   Aliya Marcelle
      2 arrested – 7 stolen vehicles recovered   Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6
      3 held as stolen Vehicle, 23 Gas Tanks Recovered in Central   Photo: 1
       Morvant Police Recover Stolen Vehicle Within Minutes    
      TTPS Urges Drivers to Obey Traffic Laws    
      Man Charged with Burning Death of Tobago Woman   Antonio Marcelle
      Vendor Charged with Murder in the Market   Sheldon Hypolite
      Firearm and ammunition found in Fort George   Photo: 1
      One man arrested for possession of firearm and ammo   Photo: 1
      TTPS Suspends CoC Service again    
      7 Charged with Breaching Covid-19 Regulations   Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7
      3 Charged with Murder of Biche Woman   Brandon Lewis, Richard Flemming & Shida Hosein
      32 Arrested for breaching Covid-19 Regulations    
      Police Foil armed Robbery in Gulf View      Photo: 1
      Stolen vehicle recovered    
      Man Charged with Sexual Assault Against Girl, 14       
      2 arrested – Firearm seized   Photo: 1
      Party in the Street stopped – 5 arrested    
      Help Find Justin Jaggernauth   Justin Jaggernauth
      Help Find Anna Maria McFarlane   Anna Maria McFarlane
      Help Find Khemraj Ramlogan   Khemraj Ramlogan
      Help Find Brittney Sanchez   Brittney Sanchez
      CoP: Womantra keeps getting its facts wrong    
      22 Venezuelans detained in Palo Seco    
      Mayaro Man Charged for Arson, Assault by Beating    
      Man charged for beating woman in the Road    
      Firearm, Ammunition, marijuana found in NED   Photo: 1
      Two arrested in Cunupia with Firearm and Ammo   Photo: 1
      Man arrested after firearm recovered   Photo: 1
      3 arrested after Arima robbery    
      Two men jailed for assaulting women   O'Neil Todd & Keith Branker
      Gasparillo Man Charged with Indecent Assault against 16yo    
      2 Arrested Following Burglary in Tobago    
      Las Cuevas Man Charged with Aiding Venezuelan Nationals to Enter T&T   Douglas Richmond
      Man arrested by SORT for possession of Marijuana   Alan Stuart
      $12.3 million in Marijuana destroyed by Police in Moruga   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      CoP discusses Safety and Security of Venezuelans   Photo: 1
      Murder Charge for Marabella Man   Keston Jordan
      8 arrested as $94 million in drugs seized in Central   Photos: 1 & 2
      CoP: Probe into discovery of Electoral Polling Cards in Arima   Photo: 1
      10 arrested – guns ammo seized in Northern Division   Photo: 1
      Oropune Gardens Man Appears in Court for Firearm Offences   Samuel Noel
      2 Arrested – Vehicles Recovered Following Burglary in Pinto    
      Man Attempts to Trick Victims into Buying Fake Jewellery    
      No bail for 2 men charged for sexual offences    
      Stolen vehicle recovered in Trincity    
      Manhunt on for 3 gun-toting suspects   Photos: 1 & 2
      CoP commends officers for professionalism on Election Day    
      Arima Teen charged for Murder    
      Help Find SHANTEL RAWLINS    
      Penal Man Held after Pistol Found in Water Tank    
      Help Find SHENELL CHARLES   Shenell Charles
      Shooting Suspect Held as Firearm Found in Tunapuna   Photo: 1
      CoP: Reckless and Dangerous comments from UNC General Secretary    
      Maloney man held with gun and ammo     Photo: 1
      One man Arrested - Firearm and Ammo Seized     Photo: 1
      SORT officers Seize Cache of Guns and Ammo   Photo: 1
      2 Venezuelans Charged with Marijuana Possession    Osmer Hernandez & Yamil Diaz
      Firearm found, 10 arrested, in anti-crime exercises   Photo: 1
      CoP orders probe into large crowd at cricket match    
      Be Aware – Card Skimmers on the loose    
      Venezuelan Arrested for Possession of Firearm and Ammo   Photos: 1 & 2
      Fyzabad Teenager Missing- ALIYAH BISSOON   Aliyah Bissoon
      Valsayn Man Missing - James Ng Saye   James Ng Saye
      Oropouche Man Charged for Six Larceny Offences    
      Two More Police Officers Test Positive for Covid-19    
      41-year-old man charged after execution of search warrant   Leon King
      PH Driver Charged with Sexual Assault Against Girl, 12       
      Vistabella Man Charged for Arson   Kyle Richards
      Help Find PRAYER MILLER   Prayer Miller
      TTPS Temporarily Suspends CoC Service      
      36 months in jail for pouring hot water on woman   Ossie James
      SRP Officer Charged with Wife’s Murder   Sherwin John
      Beetham man charged for assault on woman   Dean Collins
      6 charged for double murder Tobago   Photo: 1
      Labourer Charged with Sexually Assaulting Girl, 15      
      CoP tests negative for COVID-19    
      9 Venezuelans detained in Palo Seco    
      Five Held with Firearms at Cunupia Guest House   Photo: 1
      Man Held with Large Cache of Firearms and Ammo in CD   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Fisherman Charged for Malicious Wounding   Ron Paul
      CoP chairs CPL Security Meeting   Photos: 1 & 2
      Woman arrested for Illegal Sale of Alcohol    
      Construction Worker Arrested for 280 Rounds of Ammo   Photo: 1
      5 held as gun found in Diego Martin   Photo: 1
      San Fernando Man Charged for Murder   Anchard Hosein
      Security Officer to Appear in Court for Alleged Sexual Assault    
      2 men arrested after targeting bank customers    Sherwin Alexander, Christopher Hoyte
      Commissioner’s Cup postponed due to Ministry of Health’s refusal to allow medics, trainers, coaches, security, or substitutes at tournaments    
      San Raphael Police Arrest Man for Possession of Firearm, Ammo   Photo: 1
      Rigger, 43, to Appear Before Court for Firearm, Ammo Charges’   Barry Sobers
      4 charged after guns, ammo and drugs found at residence   Photo: 1
      Help Find RACHEL BRIDGE    
      CoP Reminds Political Parties of Guidelines    
      Alleged Gang Members Charged with 2019 Murder     Daryl Kriston Bissoon, Paul Gosein, Seandel Davy, Sydney Viaruel, Wenrick King
      Tunapuna Officers Capture Man with Firearm and Ammo    
      SWD Officers Intercept 12 Illegal Immigrants, Seize Marijuana in Palo Seco and Siparia    
      Rio Claro Man, 61, Arrested for Firearm and Ammo    
      PH Driver, Mother Granted Bail for Physical and Sexual Assaults Against Boy and Girl      
      CoP Orders Closure of Riverside Plaza and Police Administration Building    
      Man charged after 49 marijuana trees found in Erin   Kelly Junior Lall, Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Debunking False News- Payment of TTPS Salaries    
      Closure of the Firearms Section    
      One arrested, one shotgun and a quantity of drugs after police exercise   Dion Walters, Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      32 Illegal Venezuelans Held in Carenage       
      Woman, Stepfathers Arrested for Sexual Acts to Girls     
      Tacarigua Man Arrested and Two Shot Guns and Ammo Seized      Photo: 1
      Engineer charged with choking woman    
      5 Venezuelans and 1 Trinidadian arrested in Palo Seco     
      Chaguanas Man Charged with 2017 Murder   Mudele Williams
      $2M worth of marijuana trees destroyed in Las Cuevas   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Man Held with Pistol in Central Division   Photo: 1
      11 Illegal Venezuelans detained at Santa Flora    
      Child beaten with a broom - woman charged    
      CoP Meets with Bar Owners Association   Photo: 1
      5 Arrested, Cash & Cocaine Seized   Photos: 1 & 2
      33 Venezuelans detained at Erin, Tobago    
      Man, 34, to Appear in Court Charged with Murder    Anton Beckles
      CoP: Mixed signals in these Health Media Conferences    
      NEDTF Officers Seize Gun, Ammo, Camo in Morvant    Photo: 1
      Man, 33, Charged with Sexually Assaulting and Drugging Girl, 15    
      Help Find 50-year-old MICHAEL TAITT   Michael Taitt
      Help Find CHANIELLE CHARLES    Chanielle Charles
      Murder accused Sherwin Shepherd to stand trial    Sherwin Shepard
      Second Man Charged with 2017 Murder   Che Lewis
      Help Find CHRISTIAN SEATON   Christian Seaton
      Help Find SHANIQUA ALEXANDER   Shaniqua Alexander
      Gasparillo Man charged with Issuing Fraudulent Cheques   Anthony Ramlal
      2 persons arrested for issuing bounced cheque    
      Enterprise Man arrested with ammunition    
      CoP rewards 23 Police officers for solving recent murders    Photos: 1 & 2
      Two arrested, firearm seized   Photo: 1
      Three arrested after car chase and gunfire exchange with police   Photo: 1
      CoP shuts down two music trucks in Carenage    
      2 Charged with Sexually Assaulting Girls, 15, 17    
      3 Assault rifles found and seized in Western Division   Photo: 1
      Moruga Man Charged with Missing Teen’s Murder   Travon Collins
      Help Find 62-year-old ANTHONY LEWIS   Anthony Lewis
      8 Venezuelans detained in Siparia    
      Point-a Pierre Sisters Missing   Zaccurah Charles & Kurstian Charles
      Princes Town Man Charged with 4 Murders   Anthony Mitchell
      FOUND – Missing Arima Teen – CHRISTIAN WILLIAMS     
      19% Decrease in Fatal Traffic Accidents Recorded    
      Second Man Charged with 2019 Marabella Murder   Jamal Warner
      Man charged with robbing cop of gun    Anton Otis Samuel
      CoP Meets with Chief Elections Officer   Photo: 1
      CoP- Police Approval Needed for Political Campaign Motorcades    
      FOUND – La Horquetta Woman – ELICIA ARJOON    
      Couple Held with 100 Rounds of Ammo in Petit Valley   Photo: 1
      Help Find GRACE ESTHER ROBERTS   Grace Esther Roberts
      ERP Officers Foil Armed Robbery in Barataria   Photo: 1
      Help Find Elicia Arjoon   Elicia Arjoon
      Front line police officers tell of public attacks    
      Help Find 16-year-old CHRISTIAN WILLIAMS   Christian Williams
      Manson Hall Labourer Granted Bail for Alleged Sexual Acts to Girl, 15    
      ‘PAIN’ to Appear in Court for Murder   Saglal Samlalsingh
      Laventille Teen Missing- Jayden Lewis   Jayden Lewis
      FOUND - Missing Persons    
      Arima Couple Arrested for Firearm and Ammo Possession    Photo: 1
      Princes Town Man Charged with Sexual Touching      
      Valencia Man Held with Firearm and Ammo   Photo: 1
      Sangre Grande Man on Fraud Charge Granted Bail   Jevon Sanchez
      Boy, 14, Charged with Murder    
      FOUND – Missing Teen - AMAYA MC KNIGHT    
      Help Find 15-year-old FELICIA SOOKRAM   Felicia Sookram
      Barataria Officers Recover Stolen Vehicle, Suspect Held in Minutes     
      CoP Now Acquiring Report by PCA    
      Woman Held With Gun, Ammo in San Raphael   Photo: 1
      Teens, 17, 18 Arrested for Gun, Ammo Possession   Photo: 1
      Help Find 16-Year-Old – SITA BALDEO    Sita Baldeo
      Help Find 18-Year-Old – MICHELLE DHANNSAR   Michelle Dhannsar
      Help Find 15-Year-Old – AMAYA MC KNIGHT    
      Speyside Man Charged with Larceny Dwelling House   Dexter Cordner
      CoP Response to the Law Association Media Release    
      Sixty-One Held in Breach of COVID-19 Regulations    
      San Fernando Woman Fined for Fraud Offences    
       The TTPS then is not the TTPS Now    
      False News Alert 04.07.2020    
      Barataria Man Granted Bail for Larceny Offences   Nicholas Rameshwar
      Help Find CHRIS PARMANAND   Chris Parmanand
      4 Charged with Murder of Businessman in Tobago  

Nigel Winchester, Margaret Waheed Jattan,
Kourtney GraysonDwayne Marcelle

      $650,000 in marijuana trees destroyed in Tobago   Photos: 1 & 2
      Santa Cruz Man Charged with Attempted Murder    
      Man, 30, Charged with Sexually Assaulting Girls, 12, 13, 17    
      Help Find JOEVON INNISS   Joevon Inniss
      Cunupia Man to Appear in Court for Murder    
      Man arrested for DUI, resisting arrest and assaulting police officers    
      Sangre Grande Man Charged with Sexual Assault    
      Ste. Madeleine Man Held Following Unlawful Protest                                                                                                             
      2 Minors Held After Security Guard Robbed of Gun    
      Claxton Bay Man Missing- Baschir Khan    
    Chaguanas Officers Save Woman from Domestic Abuse  
    Officer charged with malicious damage and other offences Julien Johnson
    CoP- Plot to Destabilise Country Failed – 72 Arrested  
    One arrested, firearm, ammunition recovered in Point Fortin Photo: 1
    $172000.00TT of Illegal Honey Seized  
    3 arrested after gun and ammo found in Cocorite Photo: 1
    Tobago Man Granted $15,000 Bail for Breach of Protection Order  
    20 Express Articles saying the same thing- Thou Protest too Much  
    Firearm and Ammunition recovered in Maraval Photo: 1
    Help Find 23-year-old TAFARI BRANDON Tafari Brandon
    TTPS Warns of Social Media 'Grants' Scam  
    Two held as Stolen vehicle recovered  
    Woman charged with Sister’s Murder Radica Resaulsingh & Marlon Mc Kain
    Help Find 16-year-old SAHAYRA CAMBRIDGE Sahayra Cambridge
    Police Officer Granted Bail for Sexually Assaulting Girl, 15  
    Help Find NICOLETTE CLARKE Nicolette Clarke
    CoP Bids Farewell to Chinese Ambassador Photo: 1
    Moruga Police Hunt for Firearm Suspect Photo: 1
    Suspects killed after kidnapping and robbery Photo: 1 & 2
    Man detained for Domestic Violence Offences  
    Two Held with Car Batteries and House Breaking Implements Nathan Pierre, Roland Whitlock and Photo
    2 charged with breaching Protection Order, Assault, Choking  
    Man, 18, Charged with Harbouring Child   
    FOUND - Missing Teen - KENDRA CUFFIE  
    One arrested, Firearm and Ammunition recovered  
    Rousillac Man Arrested for Assaulting Wife, Son  
    4 arrested as gun, ammo seized Photo: 1
    Woman arrested, Shotgun recovered Photo: 1
    Fireman sentenced to 2 months’ for threats    
    Two Men Charged with Sexual Assault Offences  
    Man granted bail on charges of choking woman  
    Help Find Kendra Cuffie Kendra Cuffie
    Help Find Barry Ramsook Barry Ramsook
    Point Fortin Officers Nab Six Teens for Shop Breaking and Larceny  
    Five Arrested as MP5 weapon found in Cocorite Photo: 1
    Help Find 24-year-old COLLEN SINGH and 4-year-old ELENA BOYCE Collen Singh & Elena Boyce
    Woman, 18, Charged with Murder  Avelon Sasha Lett
    Man Killed, Gun and Ammo Recovered Following Police-Involved Shooting in Santa Cruz Photos: 1 & 2
    Help Find 60-year-old RAMESH JAGESSAR Ramesh Jaggesar
    Two Men Charged for Murder of Siparia Labourer Keron Mota & Cruze Hills
    CoP Meets with Members of the Islamic Community Photo: 1
    Fourth Man Charged in Kidnapping of La Brea Man Jeffrey Despot
    3 Police Officers Charged for Misbehaviour in Public Office, Robbery with Aggravation   
    Stepfather Charged for Cruelty of Child, 16   
    Firearm, Ammunition and Drugs Found  
    Chaguanas Mayor meets with CoP  
    Accused granted $200,000 bail for manslaughter  
    Help Find 13-year-old EZEKEIL BALCON Ezekiel Balcon
    Man Charged for Murder of common-law wife Ramesh Sieunarine
    Third Suspect Charged for Murder of Enterprise Man Jesse Daniel
    TTPS: No Police involvement in Carapo killing  
    Three Held and Assault Rifle Found Following Police-Involved Shooting Incident  
    Princes Town Man Charged with Murder Shaquille Jemmott
    Air Rifle and Marijuana Trees Found in Northern Division  
    Police Constable among Three Held for Kidnapping  
    High Powered Rifles and Ammo Found in Morvant Photos: 1 & 2
    Penal Police Arrest Three and Seize Quantity of US Currency  
    Two Held with Revolver and Ammo in Central Division  
    Twenty-Four Held During Covid-19 Bar Exercises  
    La Brea Woman Missing- Merle Daisy Joseph Merle Daisy Joseph
    $20,000 Fine for Gun Possession  
    Carenage Man Missing - KOOGIE BEHARRY JAISAIRE Koogie Beharry Jaisarie
    Help Find Alisha John  
    Roxborough Man Arrested for Cultivating Marijuana Trees Photo: 1
    Siparia Man Missing - GLENWIN KEVIN EDMUND  
    Soldier Arrested for Breach of Protection Order  
    16 arrested, 3 guns and ammo seized Photo: 1
    Firearm and ammunition found and seized  
    Two Men Charged for Sexually Assaulting Girls, 15  
    Police launch probe into cap-snatching at the Savannah  
    Two Men Appear in Court for Assault Charges Kevon Burgess & Tejram Harripersaud
    FOUND – JADA BALCON Jada Balcon
    2 officers charged with conspiracy  
    Mother charged with Wilful Neglect and Assault  
    Carnival Vending Booths Set on Fire- Suspect Arrested Photo: 1
    Man Granted $5,000 Bail for Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend Kern Duncan
    Tunapuna Man Arrested for Break-in and Larceny Rondell Joseph
    Fourth Man Charged with Murder Attempted Murder and Arson Kashaun Boyce
    Five arrested, firearms and ammunition seized Photo: 1
    Freeport Officers Nab Two within Minutes of Robbery  
    Two Held in Mausica by ABM Task Force Kingson Yogonathan, Geeta Mohabir
    Man Held as Firearm, Ammunition Seized  in La Horquetta  
    NED Officers Set Fire to 3000 Marijuana Trees Photo: 1
    Barrackpore Man Held with Gun, Ammo following Foot Pursuit  
    Fyzabad Teenager Missing - ALIYAH BISSOON Aliyah Bissoon
    Sangre Grande Teenager Missing - JADA BALCON Jada Balcon
    Petit Valley Man Charged with Murder   
    Four charged for possession of Marijuana for the purpose of Trafficking Photo: 1
    Two Arrested for Charges Against Minors   
    Five Held, Firearm and Ammo Found in Arima Exercise  
    Rio Claro Couple Held with Shotgun and Ammo  
    FOUND – SANDRA BISSOON Sandra Bissoon
    10 Arrested, Guns, Ammo and Drugs Seized Photo: 1
    Guns seized in Laventille Photos: 1, 2 & 3
    TTPS probes breach of Contestant’s Twitter account  
    Aranguez Man Charged with Murder                
    Two Men Charged for Sexual Touching of a Minor                        
    Help Find SANDRA BISSOON                                                                                         Sandra Bissoon
      Two Men Arrested for Possession of 800 Grams of Cannabis   Photo: 1
      Man Arrested for Vending in Chaguanas    
      AR-15 Assault Rifle Found in Laventille   Photo: 1
      Man Arrested with Firearm and Related Paraphernalia   Photo: 1
      Help Find 17-year-old ALEXANDRA OVIEDO GARCIA   Alexandra Oveido Garcia
      Help Find 13-year-old LAQUISHA FRANCIS   Laquisha Francis
      San Juan Police Recover Firearm, Ammo, Stolen Vehicle following Chase    Photo: 1
      Petit Valley Man Held with Gun and Ammo    
      Two Charged for Sexual Offences Against Minors    
      Couple charged with Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition   Nicholas Lutchman, Shalini Silochan
Photo: 1
      11 Person Arrested, 3 Firearms and Drugs Seized   Photo: 1
      Belmont Man Charged with Murder of Businessman   Hasani Baker
      59-Year-Old Charged for Sexually Engaging Girl, 17     
      Manhunt on for Gun-toting Suspect    Photo: 1
      Two Held in Western Division with Pistol and Ammo   Photo: 1
      Assault Rifle, Ammo and Marijuana Found in Morvant    
      Pistol found in Cocorite during Anti-Crime Exercise    Photo: 1
      Two men charged for sexual offences against minors    
      Two Men Charged for Larceny of Cattle   Arjoon Rampersad, Ashook Gosine
      20 arrested for bathing, cooking, liming in Tobago    
      Marijuana Trees Value at $800,000.00 destroyed in Rio Claro  

Raffi Baksh, Kishore Sampath, Michael Ali, Danny Persad

Photos: 1, 2 & 3

      Suspect Escapes, Firearm seized in Tunapuna   Photo: 1
      Man Charged for Murder of Retired Police Corporal, Wife   Jewan Ethan Ramkissoon
      Seven Held, Ammo and Marijuana Found in Northern Division    
      Blanchisseuse Man Held with Marijuana    
      Diego Martin Teenager Missing- Sou-Ann Lamothe   Sou-Ann Lamothe
      Valencia Girl Missing- Soriah Gordon   Soriah Gordon
      San Fernando Man Missing- Ricardo Charles Rameshwar   Ricardo Charles Rameshwar
      Diego Martin Teenager Missing- Faith Kawalsingh   Faith Kawalsingh
      Moruga Man Charged with 2019 Murder    
      Gun and Ammunition found in Port of Spain   Photo: 1
      FOUND – Sangre Grande Woman – CHENELLE MURRAY   Chenelle Murray
      Help Find JODI FIGARI   Jodi Figari
      Patience Hill Man Arrested for Possession of Firearm and Ammo   Photo: 1
      Man to Appear in Court as Eastern Officers Seize Narcotics   Photos: 1 & 2
      Anti-crime Exercise Nets Nine in Northern Division   Photo: 1
      Three Held as Tobago Officers Intercept Vehicles, Seize Narcotics, Firearms and Ammo   Photos: 1 & 2
      CoP: You do not have the Constitutional right to break the law to voice your concern    
      Man charged with Cultivating 13 Marijuana Trees   Photos: 1 & 2
      Romanian-made Assault rifle found in Chaguanas   Photo: 1
      Firearm, Ammunition and Marijuana found   Photo: 1
      San Juan Man Charged with 40 Counts of Forgery   Photo: 1
      Cunupia Man Charged with Fraud   Adesh Mano
      8 Persons Arrested and 39 Tickets Issued During Exercises in Northern Division    
      'CoP praises civilian who saved officer’s life'   Photos: 1 & 2
      'Four Arrested, 1 pistol and 1.4 kg of marijuana found in Anti-Crime exercise.'    
      'Six illegal immigrants detained in Tobago'    
      Man Jailed for Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend   Christopher Burke
      Four Accused of 2018 Murder Committed to Stand Trial   Isiah Pantin, Paul Williams & Joseph George, Shakeem Charles
      Nigerian Charged with Larceny Trick and Money Laundering   Charleson Obasoanya
      69-Year-Old Among Three Held for Assaulting Girls, 13, 15    
      Valencia Officers Nab Two Men for Shop Breaking and Larceny    
      Gun,Ammunition and Marijuana seized in Aranguez    
      Southern Officers Arrest Five in Sting Operation   Photo: 1
      Sangre Grande Woman Missing - Chenelle Murray    
      Man Fined $500 for Breaching Protection Order    Devon Celestine
      Four arrested after Supermarket Robbery   Photos: 1 & 2
      Five Persons Arrested in Anti-Crime Exercise   Photo: 1
      Missing Arima Man – Allan Forbes Des Vignes    
      Arima Officers Enforce Public Health Ordinance Regulations    
      Five Held and Gun Seized in Camp in Southern Division    
      5 Held on 63 Sexual Offences Against Minors    
      La Horquetta Man Charged with Nephew’s Murder   Joseph Als
      Three Charged with Possession of Card Skimming Devices  

Trivan Guytan, Karishma Mohammed & Luann Boyce

      Maraval Man Charged with Brother’s Murder    
      NED Officers Net Firearm, Ammunition and Narcotics   Photo: 1
      Men Arrested for Sexual Assault of Girls, 10, 12 & 15    
      2 Women among 3 busted for $820,000 in Narcotics, Rifles and Ammo   Photo: 1
      Two Suspects Held as Stolen Vehicle Recovered    
      17 Persons Arrested for Various Offences in Northern Division     
      77-Year-Old Man Among Two Held for Sexual Offences     
      FOUND - Missing Arouca Woman- Melissa Garcia    
      10 arrested for bathing in the sea off Cocorite   Photo: 1
      Santa Cruz Man Arrested for Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition   Photo: 1
      Arouca Woman Missing- Melissa Garcia   Melissa Garcia
      Three Men to Answer for Sexual Offences Against Minors    
      ‘All food vendors are responsible for the well being of their customers    
      Firearm and Ammunition found in Maloney   Photo: 1
      AR-15 Rifle found in "Vegas"   Photo: 1
      Glock 22 Pistol found in Road Traffic Exercise   Photo: 1
      TKR presents hampers to TTPS to give to the vulnerable   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      One Man Arrested and a Firearm and Ammunition Seized   Photo: 1
      CPU Officers Net Three Suspects     
      CoP: No politician can direct what probe the Police must conduct    
      VWSU Initiates Crisis Intervention for Family     
      Police quiz men after a Bullfinch Bird was found on a Pirogue   Photo: 1
      Palo Seco Man Arrested for Sexual Offence Against Minor    
      CPU Officers Arrest Man for Cruelty to a Child, Assault by Beating    
      Cocorite Man Arrested for Possession of Firearm and Ammo    
      Minors Among Six Held with Gun in Car in Arima   Photo: 1
      Moruga  Man Arrested for Possession of Marijuana    
      South Oropouche Man Hospitalised Following Police-Involved Shooting Incident    
      Two Arrested in Couva, Marijuana, Firearm and Ammo Seized      Photos: 1 & 2
      Toco Man Arrested and Firearm and Ammo Seized    Photo: 1
      Large Quantity of Narcotics Recovered in Gulf of Paria                                                                    Photos: 1 & 2
      Help Find ALEXANDRA OVIEDO GARCIA   Alexandra Oveido Garcia
      One Held and Quantities of Marijuana Found in ED   Photos: 1 & 2
      Matura Man Held with Large Quantity of Cash   Photos: 1, 2, & 3
      Cocorite Man Killed in Police-Involved Shooting Incident    
      Moruga Teen Arrested for Firearm and Assault Offences   Photo: 1
      One man Held for Possession of Marijuana and a Quantity of Cash in Central    Photo: 1
      Gun, Ammo found in Bushy Area     
      Two Arrested for Possession of Marijuana and Ammunition      
      Police Search for Three Missing Teens   Malikah Raphael, Ishamael Alexander & Blossom Bidar
      Labourer Arrested for Sexual Offence Against a Minor    
      Two Held for Firearm and Ammo Possession in Southern Division    
      To those who do not want the Police to treat children like criminals, then give us the assurance that no child is a criminal    
      San Juan Man Killed by Police in Eastern Division    
      FOUND- Diego Martin Teenager- Kyle Liverpool    
      CoP: State the facts please- Not comments to sensationalize stories   CoP Gary Griffith
      Help Find KYLE LIVERPOOL   Kyle Liverpool
      Two Arrested for Sexual Offences Against Minors    
      Eight Arrested in Northern Division   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Two Arrested for Possession of a Firearm, Ammunition and Marijuana    Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Eight Held, Firearms, Ammo and Marijuana Seized in WD   Photos: 1 & 2
      One Arrested as Stolen Vehicle Recovered    
      Sangre Grande Man Held with Shotgun Parts and Ammo   Photo: 1
      Maraval Teen Missing – Britney Baptiste   Britney Baptiste
      Santa Cruz Man Charged with Murder and Shooting with Intent   Aaron Ellis
      Chaguanas Teen Missing – Annalisa Mahadeo    
      Valsayn Man Charged with Cousin’s Murder   Ravi Beharry
      27 Held on seafront in breach of Heath Ordinance Regulations   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Police quiz 4 men after $119,000 US found on Pirogue    Photo: 1
      One man arrested, two firearms and ammunition Seized in Cocorite    Photo: 1
      TTPS would not show any bias or flexibility in relation to stores being opened or closed, or assembly in large groups    
      Four Held as Pistol and Ammo Found in Diego Martin    
      Chinese Community Donates Hand Sanitizers   Photos: 1 & 2
      CoP Reminds of the Public Health Ordinance Guidelines   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Help Find MICHAEL FRANCIS   Michael Francis
      Tobago Man Charged with Offences Against Female Minor   Hullon John
      Over $100,000 in Traffic Tickets Issued Over the Easter Weekend    
      Two charged, 2 stolen Vehicles Recovered   Sameer Ali, Eric Wilson
      Suspect with 16 Charges Killed by Police   Vincent Moore
      Coast Guardsman in Court for Unlawful Killing of Colleague    
      COVID-19 Party-Goers Appear in Court   Photo: 1
      CoP reminds banks, supermarkets to adhere to social distancing guidelines   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Two Men Arrested During an Anti-Crime Exercise in Sangre Grande    Photo: 1
      VSWU Conducts Virtual Staff Training to Enhance Skills  in light of Covid-19   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Two Arrested for Possession of Protected Animals    Photos: 1 & 2
      Aranguez Man Arrested for Possession of  Firearm and Ammunition    Photo: 1
      Gender Based Violence Unit- Advice to the Public     
      Four Arrested for Larceny and Receiving Stolen Items in the Arouca District    
      Two Men Arrested for Possession of Firearm and Ammo   Photos: 1 & 2
      Seven men, one woman held for cockfighting in Gasparillo   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Arima Man Fined $16,150 for Malicious Damage to Marked Police Vehicle    
      Six Arrested in the Arima and Arouca Districts    
      Three Held as Illegal Items Seized in Sangre Grande   Photo: 1
      Cocorite Man Held with Revolver and Ammo   Photo: 1
      Court Grants Detention Orders for Cash Seized Under Proceeds of Crime Act    
      Missing La Horquetta Boy Missing- Xavi Williams     
      Missing Couva Girl- Cecelia Leah Mathison    
      YES WE CAN    
      Police Detain Three Persons for Hanging a Dog    
      CoP: No more warnings -1st COVID -19 Party busted   Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
      Cocaine Found in Fyzabad   Photo: 1
      Gun and Ammo Found at Prisoner’s Piarco Home    
      Bullet-Proof Vest, Ammo and Stolen Items found in Pinto    
      Las Lomas Man Detained for Stolen Water Tank    
      One Held Following Police-Involved Shooting in Princes Town    
      Marijuana, Bulletproof Vest and Ski Masks found in Maraval    
      TTPS did not reignite Community Comfort Patrols    
      Two Men, Woman Arrested for Robbing Doctor    
      Too Many Road Traffic Breaches    
      TTPS did not engage in any form of discrimination- It was never about Doubles    
      Two Held Following Robbery Incident in Arima    
      Two Held Trying to Rob Arima Bar    
      Morvant Man Missing- Stephon Joseph   Stephon Joseph
      Two arrested after 65 parrots seized   Photos: 1, 2 & 3 
      Two Pistols and Stolen Vehicle Found During POS Exercise   Photo: 1
      One Arrested and Pistol and Ammo Seized in ND    
      Two Men Appear in Court for Possession of Pepper Spray and Tasers    
      Third Bar Owner Charged for Operating a Bar during the Covide-19 Crisis   Tamashraj Ramkissoon
      Port of Spain Man Held Following Police-Involved Shooting    
      Four Held in Connection with Tobago Shooting Incident   Photo: 1
      Williamsville Man Missing- Mervyn King   Mervyn King
      CoP Launches Probe into Street Protest in Sangre Grande    
      FOUND- Williamsville Man- Mervyn King    
      Debunking False News    
      Venezuelans Arrested for Possession of Firearm and Ammunition   Photo: 1
      Two Arrested for Possession of Firearm and Ammo in Sangre Grande   Photo: 1
      San Francique Man Granted Bail for Assault and Child Cruelty   Avanash Ragoo
      Laventille Man Appears in Court on Assault Charges   Terry Murrell
      FOUND - Missing Teen - DESTINI LEWIS   Destini Lewis
      St. Augustine Man Held and Firearm and Ammo Seized   Photo: 1
      CoP- The End Justifies the Means    
      Two Suspects wounded After Shootout with Police   Photo: 1
      One killed, 9 arrested, Cache of Arms,Ammunition, Drugs, seized in Arima    Photo: 1 & 2
      Help Find BRUCE TASPER   Bruce Tasper
      Help Find DESTINI LEWIS   Destini Lewis
 CoP- TTPS may have to close banks, supermarkets, and markets if they do not comply with social distancing outside premises                                                                                                                                        
      TTPS Advises Citizens to Adopt Home Safety Measures    
      Angostura Holdings Limited Donates hand- sanitizers   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Second Bar Owner Charged for Operating a Bar During the COVID-19 Crisis   Ernest Todd
      The VWSU Continues to Provide Hope During the COVID-19 Crisis   Photo: 1
      Arouca Police Station reopened after Covid-19 Scare    
      Help Find MICHAEL FRANCIS    
      Three Men Arrested for Larceny in Sangre Grande      
      Firearm Found in Central Division     Photo: 1
      Officers of Eastern Division Seize Grenade    Photo: 1
      Owner Arrested and Charged for Operating a Bar during COVID-19 Crisis   Daryl Sirju
      CoP- Citizens must stand 6 feet apart    Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
      Five Arrested for ATM Tampering and Possession of Card Skimmer and other Paraphernalia     
      CoP Warns Against Spreading of Unauthorized Information     
      Four Sando Teens Arrested for Robbing Taxi Driver    
      CoP: TTPS will enforce the law during COVID-19 Crisis    
Photos: 1 & 2
Photos: 1, 2, & 3
Photo: 1
Photos: 1, 2 & 3
Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
Photos: 1, 2 & 3 
Photo: 1
Photos: 1 & 2
Photos: 1 & 2
Photo: 1
Photo: 1
Photo: 1
Photo: 1
Photo: 1
Photo: 1
Teen Held in Arouca House with Gun                                                                                      
  Jael James
      Laventille Man Arrested for Possession of Firearm and Ammunition    
      Guyanese National Charged with Trincity Woman’s Murder    
      Prison Escapee DILLANO MARCANO Recaptured   Dillon Marcano
      Oropune Man Missing – KYLE BROOMES   Kyle Broomes
      Diego Martin Man Missing – CARL DANIEL   Carl Daniel
      Cedros Man Held for Possession of Firearm and Ammunition    
      Valencia Man Denied Bail for Gun and Ammo Charges    
      Sangre Grande Teen Missing – MICA'L LARA   Mica'l Lara
      TTPS Stresses on Road Safety    
      TTPS Extends Condolences on Passing of WPC Joanne Ramroop    
      FOUND - Princes Town Boy – Gyasi Griffith    
      Enterprise Teen Missing – TARA HENRY   Tara Henry
      Two Penal Men Arrested for Possession of Firearm and Ammunition    
      TTPS Deploys GPS, Drone Technology in Carnival Operations   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      NLCB Communications Expert, Now Security Expert    
      US Citizen Held with Pistol and Ammo in Chaguaramas    
      Man Held in Maraval with Pistol and Ammo    
      CoP Commends Citizens for Observing Laws… More Attend J'Ouvert Celebrations   Photos: 1, 2, 34, 5 & 6
      Two Held in Diego Martin with Counterfeit Bank Cards    
      Two Police Officers among Three Charged with Trafficking and Gang-Related Offences   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      FOUND- Morvant Boy – Keegan Primus    
      Ste. Madeleine Boy Missing- Gyasi Griffith   Gyasi Griffith
      Two Men Arrested for Robbery with Violence and other Firearm related offences    
      Police Cautions Against Drunk Driving as 12 Arrested for DUI Overnight    
      Charlieville Man Missing- FAZIAM ALI   Faziam Ali
      16-year-old Missing- CHRISTION MARSHALL   Christion Marshall
      5-year-old Missing- KEEGAN PRIMUS   Keegan Primus
      Santa Cruz Man Missing- MALIK RAMSAHAI   Malik Ramsahai
      3 Police Officers Held on Suspicion of Trafficking in Minors    
      Man Granted Bail for Sexual Touching of a Child    
      Arima Man Held with Pistol and Ammo    
      Three Denied Bail for Shooting with Intent at Police    
      Four Held and Two Firearms and Ammunition Seized in WD Exercises   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      TTPS Announces Drone Restrictions    
      Captain and Crew Questioned   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Man Killed and Rifle Recovered in Police Involved Shooting in Beetham Gardens   Photo: 1
      Five Held and One Firearm Recovered in Police Chase    
      Man Held with Homemade Shotgun in Marabella    
      CoP continues to press for amendments to Bail Act……Man fined just $16,000 for firearm, ammo    
      Nestle Trinidad and Tobago Partners with ISOS   Photo: 1
      5 Arrested for DUI in Road Traffic Exercise    
      Valencia Man Charged with 2018 Murder   Darryl Bobby Lalla
      Sangre Grande Man Charged with URP Supervisor’s Murder   Vern caraballo
      Two Stolen Vehicles Recovered and One Morvant Man Detained    
      El Dorado Teen Missing - Martha Simon Baptiste   Martha Simon Baptiste
      Chaguanas Woman Missing    
      San Fernando Teen Missing    
       TTPS is doing all that it can do. Others need to play their part    
      Investigations ongoing into an Issue of Edible Marijuana Consumption among Students    
      Police Officer and Venezuelan to Appear in Court Charged with Trafficking in Persons   Vicash Ramtahal
Julio Caesar
      CoP Promotes 48 Police Officers    
      Diego Martin Man Held with High-Powered Rifle   Photo: 1
      Sea Lots Man Appears in Court for Using Insulting Language Against Officers   Ronaldo Burke
      One Man Arrested and a Quantity of Narcotics and Cash Seized at the CARICOM Wharf   Photo: 1
      Guapo Teenager Missing - Shinice Johnson   Shinice Johnson
      Two Foreign Nationals Charged with Trafficking in Counterfeit Cards   Photos: 1 & 2
      Coryal Man Charged with Murder   Glen Joseph
      Pistol, Ammo and Binoculars Found During OSB II Exercise    
      Two Held with Pistol and Ammo in Laventille    
      Eleven Venezuelans in Police Custody    
      Police Officers Among Three Held for Trafficking in Persons    
      38 Venezuelan Nationals Held in Woodbrook Exercise    
      CoP - We Investigated All Reports    
      Enterprise Man Arrested for Possession of Firearm and Ammo in Central Division    
      Two held with Marijuana in Penal   Photo: 1
      Two Held, Four Killed in Police-Involved Shooting in NED    
      CoP launches immediate investigation regarding police officers affiliated to political parties    
      Rousillac Teenager Missing- Abigail Forde    
      Off-Duty Officer Saves Woman's Life    
      Cricket Field Re-launched at Police Training Academy   Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7
      Two Teens and Two Women Missing  

Shaniah ApplewaitheKyle Rampersad & Alesha Jagdeo

      Two 15-year-old Girls Missing   Victoria Joseph, Shanika Mohammed
      Two Men Charged with Sexual Offences Against Children    
      One Held As Drugs and Alcohol Seized at Port of Port of Spain   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Five Held in Central Division Exercise   Photo: 1
      Two Men Held with Firearm, Ammunition and Cocaine by SWDTF Officers    
      CoP Receives Courtesy Call from Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Three Held as WD Officers Foil Robbery    
      Ste. Madeleine Man Charged with Teacher’s Murder   Carl Richardson
      Firearm Magazine and Marijuana Found in NDTF Exercise    
      Special Reserve Police Officers Graduation Ceremony    
      Marabella Teen Missing - Shaniah Mohommed   Shania Mohommed
      Man Held and Marijuana Seized in POS Exercises    
      CoP meets with Tobago Chamber, THA Chief Secretary    
      WPC and Brothers in Court for Multiple Offences   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Sangre Grande 11-year-Old Missing Abagail Henry   Abigail Henry
      Tacarigua Teen Missing - Meagan Johnson   Meagan Johnson
      Found Missing Tacarigua Teen - Meagan Johnson    
                           Three Held for Sexual Offences against Minors in CPU Exercises                                                                                                                                                           
      CoP- Certain Police Officers, Reporters Becoming Desperate in Investigation    
      Two Held with Revolver and Ammo in Cocorite    
      Sangre Grande Man Missing - Wayne Lastique   Wayne Lastique
      Missing El  Dorado Woman Missing - Kameelia Herrera   Kameelia Herrera
      Port of Spain Teen Missing -Khia Hunte    Khia Hunte
      Debunking False News – Pt Lisas Vessel Fatalities    
      Police Foil Plot to Kill SORT Officer    
      PTSC Workers Found Guilty of Larceny Diesel    
      CoP Meets with Tobago Chamber of Commerce   Photos: 1 & 2
      Commissioner of  Police Discuss Humanitarian efforts for refugees   Photo: 1
      Three Held as Stolen Vehicle Recovered in Northern Division    
      Three Held as Stolen Vehicle Recovered in NED    
      No Complaints were Filed with the TTPS    
      ‘Minge’ Charged with Murder of Tunapuna Man   Photo: 1
      Officers Discover Cocaine and Firearm in Couva   Photo: 1
      Guayaguayare Man Charged with Murder    
      Former DCP Maurice Piggott Praised for Service as an Officer   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      TTPS takes delivery of 10 horses from Holland   Photos: 1 & 2
      Three Charged for Possession of Firearms, Ammo, Drugs  

Photos: 1 & 2
Nadia Hackshaw
Shaquille Hackshaw

      Seven Men, One Woman Charged for Sexual Offences in CPU, SORT Operation    
      Taxi Driver Charged for Sexual Acts Against Children    
      Firearm and ammunition  found in Malabar    
      Stolen Vehicle Recovered    
      South Oropouche Teenager Missing- Britney Mohammed   Britney Mohammed
      Man Arrested with Sub-Machine Gun in Diego Martin    
      Commissioner Griffith Promotes 8 Officers   Photo: 1
      Pistol and Ammo Found in Maloney by SORT    
      Eleven Held and Quantity of Marijuana Seized in Northern Division Exercises    
      San Juan Man Held Smoking Marijuana While Driving    
      Barataria Man Missing - Paul Williams   Paul Williams
      Tobago Man Charged for Sexual Touching of a Child    
      Mayaro Man Charged for Sexual Penetration of a Child    
      Longdenville Man Charged with Murder   Kosi Jeremiah
      La Romain Man Charged with Double Murder   Antonio Francois
      Marabella Man Charged with 2018 Murder    
      17 Arrested, 35 Ticket in DUI and Speeding Crackdown    
      CoP: Do not Bring TTPS into Politics    
      Man faked his own kidnapping: Cop: We did our Job    
      2 Arrested and Firearm and Ammunition Seized   Photo: 1
      3 Men Arrested during Anti-Crime Exercises in Northern Division    
      FOUND -Missing Santa Cruz Woman - KAMMIE MOORE    
      Penal Man Held with Gun Following Robbery with Aggravation    
      Penal Man Charged for False Kidnapping Report    
      TTPS Extends Condolences on Passing of Retired DCP Maurice Piggott   DCP (retd.) Maurice Piggot
      Curepe Man Held with Pistol in San Juan    
      Santa Cruz Woman Missing – CAMMIE MOORE   Cammie Moore
      Freeport Teen and Baby Missing – ARIANNA SOLOMON and ISHMAEL SOLOMON    
      St. Madeline Woman Missing – ANASTASIA MOTA   Anastasia Mota
      Arima Man Held with Revolver and Ammo    
       ‘Chico’ Charged with 2017 Double Murder   Anthony Moore
      Cops not baffled over kidnapping of doctors    
      CoP: Laymen Commenting on  Law Enforcement causing undue panic    
      TTPS Provides Counselling to Relatives of Recent Tragedies    
      Three Held with Firearms as ERP Officers Foil Robbery   Photos: 1 & 2
      Penal Man Missing - Shane Ramjattan    
      Arima Teen Missing – SHILOH THOMAS    
      Firearms and Narcotics Discovered in Central Division    
      Two Held with Firearms and Narcotics during OSB II Exercise   Photo: 1
      Three Dead, One Wounded in Arima Shooting Incident    
      Suspect in San Fernando Kidnapping Incident Dies at Hospital    
       Valsayn Teen Missing – VICTORIA JOSEPH    
      Three Persons Wounded, Police Hunt for Two Shooters    
      Scarborough Teenager Missing    
      Civics in Schools Programme in Tobago this week   Photo: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Doctor dies, another injured; Three Suspects Hospitalised Following Kidnapping    
      Murder Accused Sentenced to Hang    
      Barataria Teenager Missing - Ronaldo Joseph   Ronaldo Joseph
      Two Teens Arrested for Possession of Firearm and Ammo    
      Murder Accused Appears Before Port of Spain Magistrate    
      Fyzabad Man Charged with Murder   Vishal Birju
      Marabella Man Charged with Murder   Jamal Butcher
      Morvant Man Missing - Roland Downes   Roland Downes
      Two Employees of Central Businessman Held for Larceny    
      Man Charged with Arima Triple Murder   Nathaniel Ellis
      Port of Spain Man Charged with Pre-School Principal’s Murder   Kirk Fields
      Sangre Grande Man in Video Depicting Abuse to Female Child Charged    
      CoP Meets with Interest Groups on Domestic Violence   Photo: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
      Three Stolen Vehicles Recovered    
      Sangre Grande Man Held at Home with Pistol and Ammo   Photo: 1
      Two Teenagers Missing from St. Jude’s Home for Girls- Annalee Balmacoonsingh and Nisha Gopie   Annalee Balmacoonsingh
Nisha Gopie
      Arima Teenager Missing- Sarah Castellano   Sarah Castellano
      Two Held as Two Stolen Vehicles Recovered in ND    
      TTPS Shows Students Proper Road Safety Discipline   Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
      Two Held and Marijuana Found during OSB II Exercise in POSD   Photo: 1
      CoP: Gender-Based Violence – Not business as usual    
      Found Missing Point Fortin Man -Armitt Ramsawak    
      Safer Road Use Urged As 5 Road Fatalities Recorded for 2020    
      Morvant Man Held for Gun and Wounding Offences Granted Bail   Sayyed Ali
      Bail for couple after guns and drugs seized   Photo: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
      Third YTRC Escapee Recaptured   Wanted Juvenile Escapees
      Chase Village Teenager Missing- Amelik Emry   Amelik Emry
      Princes Town Teenager Missing- Christon N. Marshall   Christon N. Marshall
      Penal Man Held with Shotgun and Ammo at Home    
      Three Held in La Brea with Pistol and Ammo    
      Point Fortin Man Missing - Armitt Ramsawak    
      Man Held with Stolen Vehicle in El Socorro    
      Sea Lots Man Held with Rifle and Ammo    
      Kidnap Victim Rescued by Road Policing Task Force    
      Arima Woman Missing - Stephanie Chadee   Stephanie Chadee
      Morvant Man Held with Pistol and Ammo at Home    
      Williamsville Man Charged in Stabbing Death of Step-Brother   Tyrese Huggins
      Commissioner Griffith meets with Road Policing Task Force   Photo: 1 & 2
      Pastor and Employee Appear in Court on Trafficking Charges   Glen Awong, Indra Jaggernauth
      Maloney Man Held with Firearm and Ammo    
      Firearms and Marijuana Found During Central Division Exercise    
      Teen Held with Pistol in Diego Martin    
      Claxton Bay Taxi Driver Held with Pistol and Ammo    
      Cunupia Teenager Missing- Candace Tigree