Mounted And Canine

Who We Are


The Mounted Branch was originally introduced in the then Police Force for the delivery of mail. With the introduction of a postal service the duties of Mounted Branch changed to that of patrols and crowd control. An officer on horseback is more effective at crowd control than 10 or more officers on foot.

What We Do

  • Assist in search and rescue operations
  • Traffic control
  • Pursuit of suspects
  • Participate in community outreach programmes
  • Participate in parades
  • Provide escort at police funerals
  • Provide escort to foreign dignitaries
  • Facilitate visits of schools to the Mounted Branch Headquarters
  • Provide training in horseback riding to the “Friends of the Mounted Branch”.


The use of dogs in the Police Service started in 1952 (Ottley 1972: 130). It was well documented that a dog’s keen sense of smell and hearing gave officers the advantage when tracking criminals. The use of dogs in fighting crime produced impressive rates in criminal apprehension, and this resulted in an increased demand for skilled police officers and trained canines.

What We Do

  • We use our dogs as explosive detectors; to sniff out and detect a variety of explosive materials.
  • Our dogs are used for narcotics detection at air and seaports, and on searches being carried out for illegal drugs and other types of narcotics. The dogs are trained to detect illegal substances that may be concealed or disguised.
  • Tracking dogs are utilised when officers may be on the search for or tracking a fleet footed criminal. The keen senses of a trained tracking dog can detect and distinguish an assailant’s scent.
  • Cadaver dogs are trained to detect the odour of concealed or buried human bodies and assist in the recovery of missing persons.

If accepted, officers are required to undergo six months of rigorous training which includes familiarising  oneself  with  one’s  charge  (dog) as well as learning about grooming and general care of dogs. Upon completion, officers graduate and are integrated into the Unit.


Senior Superintendent
Mounted Branch and Canine Unit, 18 Long Circular Road,
St. James.
Phone: (868) 622-4418    Fax: (868) 622-7591