2020 Media Releases

Photos: 1 & 2
Photos: 1, 2, & 3
Photo: 1
Photos: 1, 2 & 3
Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
Photos: 1, 2 & 3 
Photo: 1
Photos: 1 & 2
Photos: 1 & 2
Photo: 1
Photo: 1
Photo: 1
Photo: 1
Photo: 1
Photo: 1
Teen Held in Arouca House with Gun                                                                                      
  Jael James
      Laventille Man Arrested for Possession of Firearm and Ammunition    
      Guyanese National Charged with Trincity Woman’s Murder    
      Prison Escapee DILLANO MARCANO Recaptured   Dillon Marcano
      Oropune Man Missing – KYLE BROOMES   Kyle Broomes
      Diego Martin Man Missing – CARL DANIEL   Carl Daniel
      Cedros Man Held for Possession of Firearm and Ammunition    
      Valencia Man Denied Bail for Gun and Ammo Charges    
      Sangre Grande Teen Missing – MICA'L LARA   Mica'l Lara
      TTPS Stresses on Road Safety    
      TTPS Extends Condolences on Passing of WPC Joanne Ramroop    
      FOUND - Princes Town Boy – Gyasi Griffith    
      Enterprise Teen Missing – TARA HENRY   Tara Henry
      Two Penal Men Arrested for Possession of Firearm and Ammunition    
      TTPS Deploys GPS, Drone Technology in Carnival Operations   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      NLCB Communications Expert, Now Security Expert    
      US Citizen Held with Pistol and Ammo in Chaguaramas    
      Man Held in Maraval with Pistol and Ammo    
      CoP Commends Citizens for Observing Laws… More Attend J'Ouvert Celebrations   Photos: 1, 2, 34, 5 & 6
      Two Held in Diego Martin with Counterfeit Bank Cards    
      Two Police Officers among Three Charged with Trafficking and Gang-Related Offences   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      FOUND- Morvant Boy – Keegan Primus    
      Ste. Madeleine Boy Missing- Gyasi Griffith   Gyasi Griffith
      Two Men Arrested for Robbery with Violence and other Firearm related offences    
      Police Cautions Against Drunk Driving as 12 Arrested for DUI Overnight    
      Charlieville Man Missing- FAZIAM ALI   Faziam Ali
      16-year-old Missing- CHRISTION MARSHALL   Christion Marshall
      5-year-old Missing- KEEGAN PRIMUS   Keegan Primus
      Santa Cruz Man Missing- MALIK RAMSAHAI   Malik Ramsahai
      3 Police Officers Held on Suspicion of Trafficking in Minors    
      Man Granted Bail for Sexual Touching of a Child    
      Arima Man Held with Pistol and Ammo    
      Three Denied Bail for Shooting with Intent at Police    
      Four Held and Two Firearms and Ammunition Seized in WD Exercises   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      TTPS Announces Drone Restrictions    
      Captain and Crew Questioned   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Man Killed and Rifle Recovered in Police Involved Shooting in Beetham Gardens   Photo: 1
      Five Held and One Firearm Recovered in Police Chase    
      Man Held with Homemade Shotgun in Marabella    
      CoP continues to press for amendments to Bail Act……Man fined just $16,000 for firearm, ammo    
      Nestle Trinidad and Tobago Partners with ISOS   Photo: 1
      5 Arrested for DUI in Road Traffic Exercise    
      Valencia Man Charged with 2018 Murder   Darryl Bobby Lalla
      Sangre Grande Man Charged with URP Supervisor’s Murder   Vern caraballo
      Two Stolen Vehicles Recovered and One Morvant Man Detained    
      El Dorado Teen Missing - Martha Simon Baptiste   Martha Simon Baptiste
      Chaguanas Woman Missing    
      San Fernando Teen Missing    
       TTPS is doing all that it can do. Others need to play their part    
      Investigations ongoing into an Issue of Edible Marijuana Consumption among Students    
      Police Officer and Venezuelan to Appear in Court Charged with Trafficking in Persons   Vicash Ramtahal
Julio Caesar
      CoP Promotes 48 Police Officers    
      Diego Martin Man Held with High-Powered Rifle   Photo: 1
      Sea Lots Man Appears in Court for Using Insulting Language Against Officers   Ronaldo Burke
      One Man Arrested and a Quantity of Narcotics and Cash Seized at the CARICOM Wharf   Photo: 1
      Guapo Teenager Missing - Shinice Johnson   Shinice Johnson
      Two Foreign Nationals Charged with Trafficking in Counterfeit Cards   Photos: 1 & 2
      Coryal Man Charged with Murder   Glen Joseph
      Pistol, Ammo and Binoculars Found During OSB II Exercise    
      Two Held with Pistol and Ammo in Laventille    
      Eleven Venezuelans in Police Custody    
      Police Officers Among Three Held for Trafficking in Persons    
      38 Venezuelan Nationals Held in Woodbrook Exercise    
      CoP - We Investigated All Reports    
      Enterprise Man Arrested for Possession of Firearm and Ammo in Central Division    
      Two held with Marijuana in Penal   Photo: 1
      Two Held, Four Killed in Police-Involved Shooting in NED    
      CoP launches immediate investigation regarding police officers affiliated to political parties    
      Rousillac Teenager Missing- Abigail Forde    
      Off-Duty Officer Saves Woman's Life    
      Cricket Field Re-launched at Police Training Academy   Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7
      Two Teens and Two Women Missing  

Shaniah ApplewaitheKyle Rampersad & Alesha Jagdeo

      Two 15-year-old Girls Missing   Victoria Joseph, Shanika Mohammed
      Two Men Charged with Sexual Offences Against Children    
      One Held As Drugs and Alcohol Seized at Port of Port of Spain   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Five Held in Central Division Exercise   Photo: 1
      Two Men Held with Firearm, Ammunition and Cocaine by SWDTF Officers    
      CoP Receives Courtesy Call from Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Three Held as WD Officers Foil Robbery    
      Ste. Madeleine Man Charged with Teacher’s Murder   Carl Richardson
      Firearm Magazine and Marijuana Found in NDTF Exercise    
      Special Reserve Police Officers Graduation Ceremony    
      Marabella Teen Missing - Shaniah Mohommed   Shania Mohommed
      Man Held and Marijuana Seized in POS Exercises    
      CoP meets with Tobago Chamber, THA Chief Secretary    
      WPC and Brothers in Court for Multiple Offences   Photos: 1, 2 & 3
      Sangre Grande 11-year-Old Missing Abagail Henry   Abigail Henry
      Tacarigua Teen Missing - Meagan Johnson   Meagan Johnson
      Found Missing Tacarigua Teen - Meagan Johnson    
                           Three Held for Sexual Offences against Minors in CPU Exercises                                                                                                                                                           
      CoP- Certain Police Officers, Reporters Becoming Desperate in Investigation    
      Two Held with Revolver and Ammo in Cocorite    
      Sangre Grande Man Missing - Wayne Lastique   Wayne Lastique
      Missing El  Dorado Woman Missing - Kameelia Herrera   Kameelia Herrera
      Port of Spain Teen Missing -Khia Hunte    Khia Hunte
      Debunking False News – Pt Lisas Vessel Fatalities    
      Police Foil Plot to Kill SORT Officer    
      PTSC Workers Found Guilty of Larceny Diesel    
      CoP Meets with Tobago Chamber of Commerce   Photos: 1 & 2
      Commissioner of  Police Discuss Humanitarian efforts for refugees   Photo: 1
      Three Held as Stolen Vehicle Recovered in Northern Division    
      Three Held as Stolen Vehicle Recovered in NED    
      No Complaints were Filed with the TTPS    
      ‘Minge’ Charged with Murder of Tunapuna Man   Photo: 1
      Officers Discover Cocaine and Firearm in Couva   Photo: 1
      Guayaguayare Man Charged with Murder    
      Former DCP Maurice Piggott Praised for Service as an Officer   Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      TTPS takes delivery of 10 horses from Holland   Photos: 1 & 2
      Three Charged for Possession of Firearms, Ammo, Drugs  

Photos: 1 & 2
Nadia Hackshaw
Shaquille Hackshaw

      Seven Men, One Woman Charged for Sexual Offences in CPU, SORT Operation    
      Taxi Driver Charged for Sexual Acts Against Children    
      Firearm and ammunition  found in Malabar    
      Stolen Vehicle Recovered    
      South Oropouche Teenager Missing- Britney Mohammed   Britney Mohammed
      Man Arrested with Sub-Machine Gun in Diego Martin    
      Commissioner Griffith Promotes 8 Officers   Photo: 1
      Pistol and Ammo Found in Maloney by SORT    
      Eleven Held and Quantity of Marijuana Seized in Northern Division Exercises    
      San Juan Man Held Smoking Marijuana While Driving    
      Barataria Man Missing - Paul Williams   Paul Williams
      Tobago Man Charged for Sexual Touching of a Child    
      Mayaro Man Charged for Sexual Penetration of a Child    
      Longdenville Man Charged with Murder   Kosi Jeremiah
      La Romain Man Charged with Double Murder   Antonio Francois
      Marabella Man Charged with 2018 Murder    
      17 Arrested, 35 Ticket in DUI and Speeding Crackdown    
      CoP: Do not Bring TTPS into Politics    
      Man faked his own kidnapping: Cop: We did our Job    
      2 Arrested and Firearm and Ammunition Seized   Photo: 1
      3 Men Arrested during Anti-Crime Exercises in Northern Division    
      FOUND -Missing Santa Cruz Woman - KAMMIE MOORE    
      Penal Man Held with Gun Following Robbery with Aggravation    
      Penal Man Charged for False Kidnapping Report    
      TTPS Extends Condolences on Passing of Retired DCP Maurice Piggott   DCP (retd.) Maurice Piggot
      Curepe Man Held with Pistol in San Juan    
      Santa Cruz Woman Missing – CAMMIE MOORE   Cammie Moore
      Freeport Teen and Baby Missing – ARIANNA SOLOMON and ISHMAEL SOLOMON    
      St. Madeline Woman Missing – ANASTASIA MOTA   Anastasia Mota
      Arima Man Held with Revolver and Ammo    
       ‘Chico’ Charged with 2017 Double Murder   Anthony Moore
      Cops not baffled over kidnapping of doctors    
      CoP: Laymen Commenting on  Law Enforcement causing undue panic    
      TTPS Provides Counselling to Relatives of Recent Tragedies    
      Three Held with Firearms as ERP Officers Foil Robbery   Photos: 1 & 2
      Penal Man Missing - Shane Ramjattan    
      Arima Teen Missing – SHILOH THOMAS    
      Firearms and Narcotics Discovered in Central Division    
      Two Held with Firearms and Narcotics during OSB II Exercise   Photo: 1
      Three Dead, One Wounded in Arima Shooting Incident    
      Suspect in San Fernando Kidnapping Incident Dies at Hospital    
       Valsayn Teen Missing – VICTORIA JOSEPH    
      Three Persons Wounded, Police Hunt for Two Shooters    
      Scarborough Teenager Missing    
      Civics in Schools Programme in Tobago this week   Photo: 1, 2, 3 & 4
      Doctor dies, another injured; Three Suspects Hospitalised Following Kidnapping    
      Murder Accused Sentenced to Hang    
      Barataria Teenager Missing - Ronaldo Joseph   Ronaldo Joseph
      Two Teens Arrested for Possession of Firearm and Ammo    
      Murder Accused Appears Before Port of Spain Magistrate    
      Fyzabad Man Charged with Murder   Vishal Birju
      Marabella Man Charged with Murder   Jamal Butcher
      Morvant Man Missing - Roland Downes   Roland Downes
      Two Employees of Central Businessman Held for Larceny    
      Man Charged with Arima Triple Murder   Nathaniel Ellis
      Port of Spain Man Charged with Pre-School Principal’s Murder   Kirk Fields
      Sangre Grande Man in Video Depicting Abuse to Female Child Charged    
      CoP Meets with Interest Groups on Domestic Violence   Photo: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
      Three Stolen Vehicles Recovered    
      Sangre Grande Man Held at Home with Pistol and Ammo   Photo: 1
      Two Teenagers Missing from St. Jude’s Home for Girls- Annalee Balmacoonsingh and Nisha Gopie   Annalee Balmacoonsingh
Nisha Gopie
      Arima Teenager Missing- Sarah Castellano   Sarah Castellano
      Two Held as Two Stolen Vehicles Recovered in ND    
      TTPS Shows Students Proper Road Safety Discipline   Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
      Two Held and Marijuana Found during OSB II Exercise in POSD   Photo: 1
      CoP: Gender-Based Violence – Not business as usual    
      Found Missing Point Fortin Man -Armitt Ramsawak    
      Safer Road Use Urged As 5 Road Fatalities Recorded for 2020    
      Morvant Man Held for Gun and Wounding Offences Granted Bail   Sayyed Ali
      Bail for couple after guns and drugs seized   Photo: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
      Third YTRC Escapee Recaptured   Wanted Juvenile Escapees
      Chase Village Teenager Missing- Amelik Emry   Amelik Emry
      Princes Town Teenager Missing- Christon N. Marshall   Christon N. Marshall
      Penal Man Held with Shotgun and Ammo at Home    
      Three Held in La Brea with Pistol and Ammo    
      Point Fortin Man Missing - Armitt Ramsawak    
      Man Held with Stolen Vehicle in El Socorro    
      Sea Lots Man Held with Rifle and Ammo    
      Kidnap Victim Rescued by Road Policing Task Force    
      Arima Woman Missing - Stephanie Chadee   Stephanie Chadee
      Morvant Man Held with Pistol and Ammo at Home    
      Williamsville Man Charged in Stabbing Death of Step-Brother   Tyrese Huggins
      Commissioner Griffith meets with Road Policing Task Force   Photo: 1 & 2
      Pastor and Employee Appear in Court on Trafficking Charges   Glen Awong, Indra Jaggernauth
      Maloney Man Held with Firearm and Ammo    
      Firearms and Marijuana Found During Central Division Exercise    
      Teen Held with Pistol in Diego Martin    
      Claxton Bay Taxi Driver Held with Pistol and Ammo    
      Cunupia Teenager Missing- Candace Tigree