I Support Our Service

“What is the I Support Our Service (ISOS) Campaign?

While public frustration at the level of crime is understandable and patience has grown thin to see tangible results, the constant derision of our Police Service is not going to change anything, except to make it more challenging. This campaign seeks to do the opposite.

It supports the members of the service on whom we rely to protect and serve. It is based on the ethos that the day we begin to show the members of our law enforcement agencies a higher regard for them, is the moment they begin seeing themselves differently and the process of improvement begins.

It starts with how members of the TTPS see themselves. Let’s show them some support and respect. The expected result will be that members of the protective services will begin to see themselves the way we see them, as loyal, patriotic, men and women who are dedicated to the courageous task of protecting our lives and ensuring we all enjoy a safe, law abiding society.

It’s time to change the negative, and that change starts with each of us, members of the public and corporate community reaching out in SUPPORT OF OUR SERVICE.

As a result, the ISOS Campaign has developed three levels of a supportive structure as to how members of our Protective Services can be supported, while encouraging and expanding community and citizen engagement.”